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Blooms Taxonomy and Critical Thinking - The key words to use and the type of questions to ask to encourage higher-level thinking according to Blooms Taxonomy source

Blooms Taxonomy Question Cues - Helpful question stems sorted by Blooms Taxonomy source

Center for Critical Thinking - Resources for teachers to use for promoting critical thinking among their students. There are free resources and some available for purchase source

Class Builder - This downloadable program lets you build online classes and manage them. The price is right too. The download is free source

Core Knowledge - A collection of articles discussing the Core Knowledge curriculum approach. Sample lesson plans are also included source

Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum - A collection of articles on various topics: what is a good argument, logic, fallacies of reasoning, critical reading (advanced reference) source

Diversity Web - This page contains useful information for teachers dealing with a culturally diverse student population source

Filling the Tool Box Part One - This page includes strategies to consider when introducing new units.and ways to produce effective questions that help students think source

Filling The Toolbox - Here is a list of strategies to use in planning new units, as well as boosting students critical thinking, problem solving and questioning skills source

Filling the Toolbox Part Two - This page shows specific strategies sand activities to help students generate questions that will help them think and learn source

Good Classroom Teaching for All Kinds of Learners - Ten solid classroom practices that will help a teacher create a successful environment for learners.Includes examples and explanations of each idea source

Grade Works - Create a class web page with individual accounts for your students. Share information with parents via the web source

Helping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers - A guide for teachers all about homework. This page has suggestion for developing expectations, making sure homework is effective practice and communicating with families source

Improving Multigrade Classroom Instruction in Small, Rural Schools - Overview of a program tha can be used to train teachers in rural areas on the use of multigrade classrooms source

Instructional Methods - Here is a page that gives the advantages, disadvantages and preparation needed for many different teaching methods. The chart format makes it easy to compare methods source

Instructional Methods - This article discusses instructional methods specifically of Social Studies, but the information can be applied to many areas. There is also a chart of Blooms Taxonomy that defines and lists projects for the different levels of "knowing" source

Interdisciplinary Courses and Team Teaching - This page is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Interdisciplinary Courses and Team Teaching it discusses the need for collaboration in a team teaching situation source

Montessori Foundation - Publisher of "Tomorrows Child" magazine. A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Montessori education in the United States and abroad source

Problem-Based Learning - This article gives a brief overview of the problem-based learning model and a simplified six-step approach source

Project Follow Through In Depth and Beyond - An Article which explains the intentions, goals and research results of Project Follow Through. The basic tenet of the program is Direct Instruction, sequentially and deliberately taught source

Questioning and Understanding to Improve Learning and Thinking (QUILT) - A program for that trains teachers to ask questions that will increase students learning. This page outlines the program and gives and overview of QUILT. source

Teaching Methods - Discussion of 14 different methods of delivering instruction. A brief explanation is given for each method as well as strengths and limitations for each source

The Elementary School Journal (ESJ) - (ADVERTISEMENT) Designed to serve both the researcher and the practitioner, explores central problems in educational theory and complex problems of the classroom source

The Private Eye - A program that increases students observation and critical thinking skills using everyday objects, a jewelers loupe and questioning strategies source

The Project Approach - This page describes the Project Approach program provided by University of Alberta. Resources, examples and information concerning certificatoin and University credit are all available form this page source

The Responsive Classroom - Current information and advice from the Northeast Foundation for Children . The Responsive Classroom is a teaching and management model source

Unbeatable Ways to Reach Your LEP Students - Strategies and helpful ideas for working with students who are learning English source

Works4Me Tips Library: Teaching Techniques - Good ideas from good teachers. There are ideas for ways to get the year off to a smooth start, informtion on teaching thinking skills, reviewing content and more source

The ProTeacher Collection - Tens of thousands of teaching ideas and advice from experienced teachers across the United States and around the world. A FREE service brought to you by members of the ProTeacher Community.

ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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