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Love and Logic - Love and Logic is a philosophy by Jim Fay and Foster Cline for logical, loving consequences and handling of behavior. Many books are published for parents and teachers alike. Many teachers have come to PT to discuss and share how best to implement this management philosophy in their classroom. source

Behavior Charts & Contracts - This is a collection of various behavior charts or contracts that can be sent home to parents daily,weekly or monthly. source

Behavior Bingo - Behavior bingo is a great whole class behavior reward system. In this collection, teachers share how they've used this incentive system to encourage great behavior. source

5th grade discipline - I teach fifth grade. This year, I tried something unique--something I had never dared to try before. I only listed TWO rules for the children to follow. The first one was: "Respect others right to learn"; the second was...source

classroom management system - You are definately in need if some classroom management. What grade do you teach? If I had to guess it is older students. I know the older students "look" as if they would know how to behave because they are in adult bodies, but you have to remember that they are still kids in their heads. I teach 5th grade and we have a system that seems to get them motivated...source

departmentalized discipline - Our fourth grade team uses a program that is simple but easy to follow through with. There are three sections of 4th graders and they are departmentalized. One student in each class is assigned to carry a folder with him or her. In this folder is a sheet with the 5 classroom rules we follow and a blank checklist. The rules they must follow are pretty basic: Follow directions the first time given. Come to class prepared with all materials. No teasing or...source

Discipline - At the end of the day, if the child did not get a sticky note on his desk, he gets a stamp in his book. If the child DID get a sticky note, I write a brief note to explain...source

Discipline System - I teach 5th grade also. I have used this system for the last 3 years and it has worked well and the kids love it. I use Behavior Bucks. My rules are posted and they are pretty basic. Mostly behaviors that the students are well aware of. I have a notebook in the back of the room that I use as...source

Fish Behavior Board - I make a simple red fish for each child. I write their name on the front of the fish. The back of the fish is black. I pin all the fish (one for each student) in the shape of a huge fish ( the tie in is to Swimmy - cant remember the author).

But at the beginging of each day all the fish are in formation - a large school of fish. After your first warning you flip your fish over - you are still a part of the school, but you have been singled out due to the black.

At the next incident you are removed from the formation and pined behind ...source

Fish behavior board - A couple of years ago I did a fish theme. For a behavior board I had "Dont be a fish out of water" I drew a large fish bowl and made a fish for each child. Their fish were all at the bottom of the bowl. Everytime they broke a rule, their fish would go up higher in the water and there would be a...source

Rick Dahlgreen - Refocus - I have taught at-risk intermediate grades for 10 years. What works for me and my students is an approach advocated by a man named Rick Dahlgren. His program is called "Refocus." It is an approach based on unconditional positive regard for all students. It is not rewards based. Rather, the teacher has an ongoing challenge to create a community of caring, responsible kids, where positives come regularly and are ...source

stars and checks - One teacher at school has magnets on the students desks. They are shaped as a star and the points are numbered. They start on point 1. If she sees them misbehaving, she rotates their start from 1 - 2 and so on. Its very private, but, at the end of the day, she can monitor. They can go up also.

I have them keep up with their...source

- source

Problems with Catching "em Being Good - Even a postive discipline technique can fail if not done correctly. "Dr. Mac" shares possible pitfalls and errors that can keep teachers from seeing good results with "catch em being good" discipline. source

Reach for the Stars Dealing with the Aggressive Student - A list of techniques applicable to working with both physically and verbally aggressive students. source

Relational Discipline - This page outlines strategies and methods for relational discipline. The author of Relational Discipline: Strategies for In-Your Face Kids shares his ideas source

School Discipline Links - A reading list (on-line, books and print articles) geared toward developing a school discipline code and elements of an effective discipline strategy source

Stepping Out - Suggestions for worksheets and lessons for students who need some "time out" of the classroom. Help students think about their behavior source

The Friday Fun Discipline Plan - Here is a discipline plan for first and second grade (though older grades could use it too). Easy for the teacher to manage and easy for the kids to understand. source

The Honor Level System - Outlines four steps for better classroom discipline. This is intended as a school-wide discipline system source

The Voucher System - (ADVERTISEMENT) The Voucher System, a behavior management program, helps children with ADD/ADHD and other special needs organize their time and thoughts source

Token Exchange, Inc. - (ADVERTISEMENT) Supplier for rewards based motivational programs. Reward items come tagged with their point or token value source

Ways To Catch Kids Being Good - Excerpts from graduate students in a behavior management class. These discuss particular situations and needs and note the great results of these postive managment techniques. Interesting reading source

Whole Class Self-Monitoring - Describes a behavior management system based on self-monitoring by students at regular intervals throughout the day source

You Can Handle Them All - Here is a list of (last count) 117 distractions, discipline problems, and annoyances that teachers (and parents) deal with on a daily basis. There is a discussion of why the student may be causing the problem, and a list of things that can be done to resolve the problem. Includes a "behavior of the day" source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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