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Classroom Themes & Bulletin Boards Looking for ideas for your classroom theme or bulletin board? Visit with us! Post your questions and share ideas here! source

Bulletin Boards Gallery Photos and descriptions of over 100 bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors. source

ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Back to School Bulletin Boards - Every year it's the same old question - What will I put on my hall bulletin board? Here's a collection of ideas to get you started! source

Bulletin Board Backgrounds and Borders - Not sure what to do with those blank bulletin boards in your classroom? Here are some great ideas for backgrounds and borders! source

Bulletin Boards - For a year-round bulletin board, one good idea is to use cloth for the background (because it doesnt fade like the paper does). You can use a heading like "Watch us Shine" and each month display some of the students best work. That way you never have to change the heading or background, all you have to do is change the papers displayed. As far as themes...source

Calendar bulletin boards - I decided to take advantage of this calendar and turn it into a learning tool. Every month, I have my resource room students help me. We put up a colored background and a boarder...then they go to work decorating it with as many items they can the represent that month. Then, I incorporated weather into the calendar. We made a weather chart for one of my more lower functioning students. Each day he dresses...source

classroom decor ideas - I used Contact paper last year to amke things look "cute". I bought it at TARGET by the roll and covered lots of stuff...coffee cans, sturdy shoe boxes, vegy cans, boxes of many shapes and sizes. It looked nicer than a plain box or can and it all corrdinated! Not that Im a "Martha Stewart" but it made me feel better and looked nice. I also have many plants in...source

Different Tactic - I take a bit different tactic to the room decor. Rather than putting up commercially or teacher made things, my walls are papered with fadeless paper (not cheap, but worth the price in resilience) and a generic border. This year I chose a sky blue with a rainbow border. One board will be a word wall with minilessons from spelling and other content area vocab., one has a daily schedule posted. The rest are all for student works. When the kids first arrive, I take their photos. We brainstorm interview questions of ...source

displaying student work - This idea is not all that creative, but easy to maintain and the kids (and parents!) love it. Youll need one of the bigger boards. After putting up your bulletin board paper(preferably a darker color) and border, use white yarn to section off a separate square for each child, like a tic-tac-toe board only longer. Label each square with a childs name. Use...source

Ms. Jonizzles Magic School Bus -
I designed this display in front of my classroom to set up a theme for getting my kids involved. I decorated the entire wall outside of my classroom to resemble, in my mind, what ³Ms. Frizzle¹s Magic School Bus² would look like. I changed the idea to Ms. Jonizzle¹s (My name is Ms. Jones.) Magic School Bus, and since Ms. Frizzle was well known for teaching science, I did a bus for health. I used several of her books throughout my theme to introduce my lessons and bring excitement about my pretend sister. I also...source

Rainforest Bulletin Board - I did a rainforest unit last year with my 1/2 blend. I made the bulletin board 3-D with a giant Kapok tree, and vines, etc. Then I had the kids decorate enlarged pictures of...source

Third Grade is Loads of Fun - At the beginning of each year, we have to post our new students names on our hallway bulletin board. I make "grass" at the bottom, cut a cheap round laundry basket in half and attach it to my board...source

tree decor - You could have some apples on the "ground" with a basket with some apples in it and say "a bushel of super students".
For fall cut out leaves from an ellison machine in fall colors- I did that one year and it added so much color to the room.
Maybe you could ...source

Bulletin Boards - One session I attended at a Kindergarten Conference suggested using your bulletin boards to teach. For example -- I have two bulletin boards in my room -- one is where I have the calendar, days of the week, months of the year, helper of the day, lunch count, milk count, and attendance. The other one is for the weather and the seasons (weather for the day and a pocket chart that we use to graph the weather for the month). I love these bulletin boards because I don't have to change them all the time. I have another bulletin board in the hall that I titled "KINDERGARTEN ARTISTS AT WORK" and I use it to display their weekly artwork. One teacher in our school uses one of her bulletin boards for snapshots that she takes throughout the year. Of course, at first there are not many pictures up. But she arranged them in an attractive way and at the end of the year it was a beautiful collage of the year in review. I have a huge dry erase board in my room that isn't handy to use, so I am thinking of using it for class photos. Some teachers use fabric as backgrounds and it looks really nice. Regarding "job charts" I just have a "helper for the day" and they do everything. Really easy! Make your life as easy as possible! Hope these ideas are of some help!source

Bulletin Board Titles - source

Bulletin Board Ideas, Any Level - Ideas listed by Kathy Schrock. Ideas are submitted by teachers and include details and pictures source

Bulletin Board Ideas from the First Grade Team - Photos show a couple of bulletin boards from a creative team of teachers source

Bulletin Board ideas--Elementary School - Kathy Schrocks site has several ideas for Elementary Level bulletin boards. Detailed description and pictures source

Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom - Here is a large collection of bulletin board ideas. Many will work well in a regular classroom as well as the music room. Bragging boards, teaching boards and seasonal bulletin boards are all included source

Decoration Ideas - Pictures of door and wall decorations. Many of these could also be adapted for bulletin boards source

BulletinBoardPro.com - A categorized gallery of over 100 bulletin board ideas including photos and descriptions source

Kindergarten Connection: Bulletin Boards - Here are pictures of many different bulletin boards. Themes include seasons, book of the month and class murals source

Teacher Tools Bulletin Boards - Several suggested bulletin boards for different times of the year and different subjects. Some include a download for patterns needed to create the board source

Word Walls - This page shows one teachers colorful word wall source

Computer Lab Bulletin Boards - Bulletin boards ideas for a computer lab source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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