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First Day of School - Ideas for the first day of school source

Back to School Bulletin Boards - Every year it's the same old question - What will I put on my hall bulletin board? Here's a collection of ideas to get you started! source

Back to School Activities - As the beginning of the school year approaches we are always looking for new and exciting activities to introduce the students to their new teacher and also their classmates. Compiled here you will find some great ideas you might like to try with your class! source

First Days of School Activities - A collection of great Proteacher ideas to help everyone get through those first days of school with a smile. source

Name Plates - A bunch of ideas for using desk plates or name plates in the classroom to label students' desks. source

2nd grade suggestions - I teach 2nd grade. I would suggest reading the book First Days of School by Harry Wong. I read it every year to freshen up on things. The book suggests waiting to get into the curriculum after you have went over all your procedures and routines. The class must be functionable or learning will not take place. Heres what I do on the first day and the first couple of weeks. I start out by...source

a busy first week - Each year I make a Welcome to Third grade folder that has all my rules, schedules, and other pertinent school information. We read this every day and learn the rules, demonstrate the rules, practice the rules. (Harry Wong is my hero!) You can give Power Point presentations on the rules (cute template at Microsoft site). I also give daily quizzes on the rules. I use sentence strips with out schedule on it and we put them in the...source

Back to school ideas - I spend the first few weeks setting the tone for the year. I usually do a unit that involves manners and character qualities. This year I am going to focus on...source

Bulletin Boards Ideas - At the beginnig of this year I had the students write Biopoems. I drew a t-shirt on a piece of paper and typed the format inside the t-shirt. After the students completed these I hung them up with clothespins on a wire that runs across my classroom. In the center of the wire is a sign that says...source

first day activities - I teach fifth grade and these are some activites I am going to use. I have them interview each other with specific quesions and then share with the class. Go over procedures, Class Code of Conduct, consequences, and rewards. Go over everything you are sending home with your students as well. Tell them your expectations then in groups of four have them ...source

first day bingo - One thing to do that accomplishes a number of objectives is to play Name Bingo. Each child is given a blank Bingo card (run off on copy machine). The students wander around the room getting different children to sign...source

First day communication activities - I am a big believer that communication is a big key to a classroom that runs smoothly. I do two activities on the first day that stress the need for clear communication. The first one is...source

first day first grade - I teach first grade, this is my second full year. I begin by going to the reading corner and playing a name game- something fun (usually a song that involves some kind of movement). I then tell them a bit about myself and we exchange...source

First day ideas - I usually try to assess all my incoming children a week or so before school begins 1:1 for about an hour. I do an informal interview then assess their reading, writing and problem solving. This gives me a chance to meet their families, and makes the first day MUCH easier. So if thats at all possible, you might try it. When the children first come in, I usually...source

first day of school - 7:50--greet early birds --theyre often there with mom and dad and I let them in on day 1--reminding them that school doesnt start until 8:00am, but they may go in for today, hang their coat and find their chair. Have something for them...source

first day (primary) - I start my day with having my students begin colouring nursery rhyme colouring pages that will eventually be made into a little book. While they are busy colouring, I can help put away supplies, greet new students, do attendance, etc., This usually takes up the first 20 minutes of the day. Once everyone is settled I thank the parents who stayed to help and let them know...source

first days of school - A 5th grade teacher at my school does an activity that I think is great and could be possible for 2nd. She makes silhouettes of students heads, they cut them out and then cut out pictures and words from magazines to fill them in with and the pictures and words represent who they think they are...source

first days of school - Your first day, week, 2-3 weeks, should focus on classroom routines, getting to know one another and doing some basic skills work so that you can get to see where they are as far as printing, counting, knowing their letters, etc., I do not worry too much about seat work during this beginning time...source

first days of school - I teach first and I agree teaching routines and rules are very necessary. However, I also want my children to want to come back to school the next day and the next, etc. In the past I have focused on rules and routines and quality of work as well as getting to know everyone. I read a lot of stories. This year I will...source

first few day ideas - My 1st graders always bring in a box of kleenex-if yours do as well, then have them sit in a circle w/all the boxes in the middle. Tell them you are going to sort them (put them into groups) and see if anyone can figure out why they are grouped the way they are. I usually do a couple different ways...source

first few days stuff - I always continue teaching the rules for the first week. 1. I give them scenarios (some are correct ways and some are incorrect) to act out for the class. The students have to tell if this was appropriate behavior or not. If not, they have to tell what they should have done. 2. I have them take a large sheet of white paper and fold it into fourths...source

Great First Day Stories - There are a couple of stories I like to read to my students on the first few days of school. The first one is "The Teacher From the Black Lagoon". The book is about a child who thinks his teacher, Mrs. Green, is a terrible green monster. We talk about the fears and expecatations my students bring with them to school...source

We Had a T-riffic Summer! -
Students love telling about their summer, so this gave them a creative way to do it! They were each given a construction paper shirt to draw and write about their summer. They were also given a piece of construction paper to create and cut out a flower for the bottom of the board. I put blue bulletin board up, painted a tree on each side, painted plant stems/leaves at the bottom, made grass at the bottom by shredding green bulletin board paper, and made cotton clouds at the top...source

- source

Back to School - Check lists, helpful hints and activities for those first days of kindergarten source

Classroom Management - This is a quick list of tips for the first day of school and for general classroom management. Great reminders source

First Day Checklist - There are lots of things to think about for the first day of school! This checklist will help sort out all the little things source

First Day Checklist - A first day of school checklist from teacher Denise Fischer! source

First Day of School Activities - Here is a collection of great, simple ideas for the first day(s) of school! source

Fourteen Great Activities for the First Days of School - Activities and lessons for those important first days. These ideas are submitted by classroom teachers source

Icebreakers/Mixers - Lots and lots of ideas for icebreakers and games. Ideas range from child to adult. Get to know your group source

Its Time For Back to School - Clipart, calendar templates and back to school poetry help make the start of the school year pleasant. source

Providing Structure: Rules and Routines Checklist - Here is a great checklist to help you remember all the things you need to think about in planning you classroom routines. Part of the checklist helps you to determine how you set up your rules and consequences source

School Bus Safety - The beginning of school is a great time to review bus safety. This page provides rules and some printable color pages to help students remember to be safe source

Setting Up Your Classroom - Several suggestions here about what kinds of learning areas you should consider for your classroom. Ideas for making each of the areas special source

Top 10 Must Do Items Before School Starts - Getting ready for a new school year takes lots of planning. Here is a list of important items so you dont forget something source

Back To School Bulletin Boards - Bulletin board ideas for welcoming students back to school. Photos and descriptions submitted by ProTeacher visitors. source

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys -
This is the welcome board I put up for the 2004-05 school year. I used an overhead projector to enlarge the Toy Story characters, used a few large clip art pictures, and drew the rest by hand... source

Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas - Dozens of ideas for back to school bulletin boards including photos! source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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