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A Fun IDea - A speaking activity set up for ESL students but can be adapted for all. Students are given an ID card with a new identity. They then ask and answer questions to complete the answer sheet source

A Listening Skills Rubric - Ever wonder if your students really listened to the story you just read? Use this rubric as a way to find out source

African Folklore - Designed for older students, but very easy to modify. Students study various forms of African folklore and then create a puppet show based on one of the stories source

Apples, Oranges and Onions - A boardgame about fruits and vegetables. Good to use to practice speaking and listening skills. Links to the gameboard, game cards and rules source

Clowning Around - Use this game to practice speaking and listening skills and adjectives. Goal is to identify the clown being described. Has a link to the gameboard source

Getting to Know You - Students interview a partner and then introduce them to the class. Provides you with a list of possible interview questions source

How Can Parents Model Good Listening Skills? - Guidelines for modeling good listening skills and improving communication with children source

I am Unique - A great getting to know you activity. Students use a bingo card to move about the room and find others who fit specific descriptions source

Listening and Identifying - Helps to reinforce listening skills along with locating facts. Could also be used in conjunction with teaching main idea source

Listening & Reading Comprehension - Students will listen for specific information as an article is read to them source

Puppet Power - Students will research puppets and puppet making. They will create puppets and write a play for them to perform source

Puppets n Plays - Research puppetry, write plays for puppets, and perform them source

What Would You Do? - List of scenerios for class discussion. Students can focus in and talk about problems and possible strategies before they happen source

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