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100 Most Frequent Words - A list of the 100 most frequent words used in books for beginning readers source

Activities by the Letter - An activity for each letter of the alphabet (including short e). Hands-on activities accommodate different learning styles source

Beginning to Read - Preschool through Grade 2 - A dozen activities for early reading instruction from America Reads Challenge source

Computer Chunking Center - A great motivator to add to your balanced literacy program. Have students enter word lists on the computer based on a common sound source

Consonant Digraphs Lesson Plan - Using the book, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, students will be able to recognize and use consonant digraphs in sentences and speech. Students will learn how to brainstorm to develop a word wall of sh- cl- and ch- words source

Consonant Sounds Worksheets - Copiable and printable consonant sound worksheets. This is still under construction. source

"E" Letter Ideas - This is a variety of activies for teaching the sounds letter "e" makes. Both long and short sounds are included. source

Helping Children Learn Phonemic and Graphemic Awareness - An article arguing the importance of instruction in phonemic (oral) and graphemic (visual/symbol) awareness source

Initial and Final Sounds - Using the book, Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss students will make a flip book of rhyming words have the same final sound but different initial sounds source

Kiz Club Printable Activities - A variety of free, printable activity sheets for ABCs and more in Adobe Acrobat format. source

Little Red Hen - Readers Theater script. Use the book and this script to focus on the title character (Red Hen) when teaching the short e sound. Make new short e word families using red (-ed) and hen (-en) source

Mama, do you love me? - Use literature to help introduce the "m" sound. Lesson has six additional activities source

Morning Letter/Syllables and Punctuation - Review letter sounds with this daily activity. source

Oh, Oh, I Think I See a Mouse, Do You See a Mouse? - This lesson is designed to help studnets be able to identify the letter O and the long and short O sound source

Phonics for Kindergarten - Create books in the shapes of letters you have studied. Them your students can add words or pictures that begin with that letter source

Phonics Inventory - How do you know what phonics skills your students have mastered? This inventory will give you a general overview of their strengths and weaknesses source

Single Letter Worksheet Index - Worksheets to use to teach new letters and sounds to beginning readers source

Single Letter Worksheet Index - Worksheets to help students with letters A-M are available free of charge to all teachers. Students will learn how to identify initial consonant sounds source

Spinning Short Vowel Word Game - Working in small groups, students will try to collect different letters to spell out a word. These words all contain short vowels source

The Blending Slide - Use this activity to review short vowel sounds or modify it to review any alphabet sound you like source

The C-V-C Game - A simple card game that you can make in no time! Helps students to practice decoding skills and creating words source

The Letterbox Lesson - Details of a lesson that appeared in The Reading Teacher (March 1999). Instructions are given so that a teacher may use this lesson. Target skill suggested is short vowels. source

The Phonics Game - (ADVERTISEMENT) Information about these much-advertised products source

The Phonics Link - Background information about phoneme awareness and phonics, and activity suggestions for grades K-3 source

The Vowel Song - Sing the vowels to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. When students have it mastered try doing it with short vowel sounds source

Using Word Families - Use the worksheet provided to have students practice rhyming words and drawing pictures to represent word families source

Word Family House - By desiging a simple house on tagboard, students can use post-it notes to practice making word families source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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