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Folk & Fairy Tales

Tall Tales - This is a collection of resources to use when teaching tall tales. source

Fairy Tales - A collection of ideas to use when teaching a fairy tale unit. Lots of book suggestions and ideas for fractured fairy tales. source

Cinderella Around the World - Here is a collection of activities for teaching various Cinderella tales. source

Teaching Story Elements with Fairy Tales - Recognizing story elements of fairy tales is an important part of the study of this genre. source

Our Favorite Tales / Tails -
This bulletin board is about fairly tales and similar stories. The kids were told to choose a fairy tale or story with a character that has a physical tail. They then wrote a summary of the fairy tale and drew the tail of the character in the story. Some examples are the mice in Cinderella, the Cat in Alice in Wonderland, the crocodile in Peter Pan, etc. We used construction paper and notebook paper...source

Aarons Storybook - Retold and original stories from Aaron Shepard; many include readers theatre scripts source

Aesops ABC - Retold versions of Aesops famous fables for you to use in your classroom source

Aesops Fables - Online collection of Aesops Fables includes a total of 655+ Fables source

Africa Resources: Folktales, Biography, Poetry, Nonfiction - Just like the title says, this is a reasource of books related to Africa source

An OBJECT-ive Look at Fairy Tales - Have students rewrite a classic fairy tale from the point of view of an object in the story source

"Cap o Rushes" Lesson Plan - Discuss the commonalities between this tale and Cinderella and have students create a comic book based on this tale source

Fairy Tales - A web site with your favorite fairy tales. Snow White to Cinderella source

Grimms Fairy Tales - Care to see the original versions of all your favorite tales? Then log onto this interactive site to read more source

Mayan Folktales - A collection of traditional stories from Guatemala source

Once Upon a Time - Examine the characteristics that are commonly found in fairy tales. Students can rewrite an old fairy tale or create a new one to share source

Tattercoats - An English folktale that can be easily compared with that of Cinderella. Contains several strategies related to pre and post reading along with listening activities source

The Princess and the Golden Shoes - A Scottish version of the Cinderella fairy tale. Have your students listen to Scottish music, create a short play, and do a character study source

The Twelve Months: A Slavic Cinderella Variant - Compose poetry related to this tale, study the geography of the Slavic countries, and create a picture book for this fairy tale source

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