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Writing & Language Arts The write place for teachers to ask questions and share ideas on writing and language arts instruction. Visit us! source

ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Capitalization and Punctuation - Need some help getting your students to capitalize and punctuate correctly? Check out these ideas! source

Action Verbs - If you are trying to liven up your grammar lessons, try some of these creative ideas for action verbs. source

Parts of Speech Activities - These activities integrate two or more different parts of speech. These could be used to review and reinforce what has already been taught. source

Adjectives and Art - You can do Illustrated Words" to combine adjectives and artwork. Give the students a list of words that lend themselves to this project, and then supply them with materials...source

Capitals and ending punctuation - allow each studnet to "edit" with green and red pencils or markers/pens. They must re-read and circle all the "beginnings" of their sentences with green - it means to GO! The sentences is starting. They must re-read their work for all ending punctuation and...source

parts of speech - I also used colors to teach the parts of speech. And I LOVE diagraming sentences! I liked the colors because they can be expanded to include phrases and clauses. These are the colors I used...source

Action (Primary) - Introduce younger students to action verbs with this entertaining game source

Adjective? Whats an Adjective? - Working in small groups, students move about the room to examine pictures. They use only one word adjectives to describe what they see in them. source

Adjectives or Adverbs? - Basic rules for indentifying adjectives and adverbs source

Appetzing Adjectives - Have students practice using adjectives by spicing up restaurant menus from local restaurants source

Building Vocabulary with the Use of Adjectives (Primary) - When this activity is complete students will be able to identify and name adjectives on their own source

Coloring Language with Adverbs and Adjectives - By examing different paragraphs, students will be able to use adjectives and adverbs to improve their writing source

Contractions - Students use the computer to learn contractions through matching, concentration, and flashcards source

Creative Writing Using Comics - Teach your students about the rules of quotation marks using this lesson with comic strips source

Dancing Nouns - Lists several activities for students to complete after they have learned what nouns are source

Delicious Descriptive Adjectives - An online project that combines the skills of identifiying and using adjectives source

English Basics - Includes worksheets you can use in your classroom that relate to such topics as verbs, analogies, and nouns. Contains an answer key for teachers source

English Worksheets - Review a variety of skills with your students ranging from formulating sentences to understanding parts of speech source

Fantastic Pictures! - Use this art acitivity as a way to teach/review nouns and adjectives. Very easy to set up and can be used over and over again source

Football Based Punctuation Lessons - Transform your bulletin board into a football field and watch your classes get excited as you review language arts skills throughout the year source

Grammar War - Students compete against each other while they learn grammar and earn points for their team source

Guide To Grammar and Writing - Grammar and English usage, nearly fifty computer-graded quizzes, recommendations on writing and a way a to submit questions source

Lights-Camera-ACTION VERBS! - Help young students understand the concept of a verb through this unique lesson involving a camera source

Making Subjects & Verbs Agree - Teaches students to avoid problems in subject-verb agreements. Includes an excercise source

Newspaper Nouns - Working as a team, students use the newspaper to find different types of nouns which they group and label source

Online English Grammar - An advanced resource for learning the finer points of english grammar. Teacher reference source

Parts of Speech Poetry - An interesting way to review parts of speech through poetry. It will also help students understand synonyms source

Parts of Speech Review - Get your students actively involved in reviewing topics such as nouns, verbs, and complete sentences. Little preparation required source

Past Tense Verbs - A fairly concrete activity to help students understand the concept of past and present tense verbs source

Teaching Adjectives With Music - A hands-on activity that will help students see the purpose of adjectives source

The Power of Adjectives - This lesson helps to make the point of the usefulness of adjectives. A fun activity to try source

The Writing Group: Punctuation Made Simple - Topics include an overview on the importance of puctuation, and focuses in on the comma, colon, semicolon, apostraphe, and dash source

Things That Drive Me Bonkers - An on-line madlib! Students can fill in the requested parts of speech and then press the buttom to see their wacky tale source

Things We Have to Remember About Subject/Verb Agreement - A review of subject and verb agreement source

Unpack Some Adjectives (Primary) - Incorporates literature into the teaching of grammar. Great introductory exercise source

Using Comparisons in Writing - Study the comparitive and superlative forms of adjectives and then apply them to writing source

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