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Writing & Language Arts The write place for teachers to ask questions and share ideas on writing and language arts instruction. Visit us! source

Spelling Word Review Games - A collection of games and activities to review spelling words. source

Spelling Words Practice - Need some hints to make spelling better for you students. Well, here are some hints and tips on spelling. source

Spelling Contracts - In this collection of ideas you will find examples of student spelling contracts and how teachers implement spelling contracts. source

Personal Dictionaries - A collection of ideas to use to make personal dictionaries with your students. These are a great tool in helping with spelling and writing. source

500 Spelling club - I do a 500 spelling club every year and my students love it. I use a chart and record every week those who get 100. When students get 5 100s in a row, they receive a 500 spelling club certificate and a free homework pass, candy surprise or however you would like to reward them. When students acheive the 500 spelling club again, the reward gets...source

dictionary skills worksheet - I recently made up a grid for the students to use with their spelling words. First column they write their spelling words in ABC order. Their task is to look up the spelling words. In the second column they...source

my spelling program - I do something a bit different with my 4th graders. My core program is pretty traditional. I choose 15 "pattern" words each week that follow a rule or pattern(maybe long as, compound words, double consonant words etc). Then I add 5 words from a list our grade level is accountable for (taken from a list of 500 high freq. words) Finally I choose 4 challenge words that usually have something to do with...source

Spelling Games - Here are a couple of games we play. Tic-tac-toe: Draw the tic-tac-toe lines on the board. Pick a boy or girl (we play boys vs. girls). Have the child write the word in a box. If they spell it wrong, get out of the box, or make their letters wrong, they have to...source

Spelling Games - I play lots of different spelling games with my class. Ive done a version of heads up 7up that Ive called heads up spell up...its played exactly like the 7up game except the people who get picked have to spell a word correctly before they get to guess who picked them. Sometimes we...source

A Spelling Test for Teachers of Students with Learning Disabilities - Give yourself a quick quiz and read about the research as it pertains to spelling and students with learning disabilities source

Houghton Mifflin: Spelling and Vocabulary - Word games, exercises, and activities that allow students to practice and review spelling words. Arranged by level. Includes printable take-home activities source

Invented Spelling - This article will give you a handle on how children use their knowledge of sounds to spell words. Provides you with a helpful chart source

Invented Spelling - This site is part narrative of a childs progress though the stages of invented spelling, and part description of those processes. We are able to see how the child uses sounds and new skills as her abilities in spelling increase. source

Question of the Day/Week - A lesson to help students learn/review spelling rules source

Sparkle- A Spelling Game - A fun spelling game to strengthen spelling skills source

Spell Check - Interactive web game that lets the student correct spelling errors. Use the mouse to select the mispelled word and check to see if it is correct source

Spelling Development - Brief article that discusses how to teacher spelling in the primary grades. Provides ideas for lessons source

Spelling Practice-Yawn! - Three fun activities to reinforce the connection between the written word and spelling skills source

SpellWeb - Not sure which spelling is right? Let the web decide with this unique search tool source

Spice Up Your Spelling Words - Forty different activities for students to use with their spelling words source

The Alphabet Game - A creative spelling game that will help students make sense out of letters and words as well as work together as a team source

Word Wall & On the Back Activities - Lesson ideas to go with your word wall for each day of the week source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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