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ABC Books - A list of over a dozen titles of alphabet books source

Alphabet - This unit uses phonics-based activities to teach the letters of the alphabet source

Alphabet - A list of titles and authors that you can use while teaching the letters of the alphabet source

Alphabet Big Book - Working in groups, students locate pictures that start with the letter of the alphabet they have been assigned source

Alphabet Fun! - An interactive way for children to practice typing skills and learn the alphabet source

Alphabet "I Spy" - Just like the game only students try to locate an object beginning with a specific letter source

Alphabet Taboo - Great way to review initial sounds and a wonderful activity if you need something quick source

Alphabet Words - Students will practice identifing letters of the alphabet. They will draw pictures related to the letters that they receive and then share these pictures with a small group source

AlphaBites - A collection of activity ideas, poems and songs for each letter of the alphabet source

Creating an Alphabet Booklet - Using the computer, students will create alphabet booklets. Have them write sentences for each letter and then insert clip art to match source

Fun With the Alphabet - Incorporate technology into learning the alphabet. This site has a link that you can use to teach the letter of the week source

The Amazing Alphabet - There are more ways to learn the alphabet than by singing it! Use the internet, games, and coloring pages to help reinforce the ABCs source

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