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Phonemic Awareness

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Alphabet Chants - Use songs and clapping as a way to help kids learn the sounds of the alphabet source

Be-bop and other "op" words - Use the great Charlie Parker to teach your students about the "op" sound in this clever lesson plan that incorporates rhyming and sentence structure source

Beginning Sounds - Assessment tool that will help you determine if students can identify the sounds at the beginning of a word source

Blind Sort - Students listen for words that are given by the teacher and then classify them based on their beginning sound source

Did Someone Say Phonemic Awareness? - Provides a general overview and a list of resources for reading. Gives very detailed lesson plans source

Final Sounds - Assessment tool to see if students are capable of identifing sounds found at the end of words source

How Now Brown Cow - Explains the importance behind phonemic awareness. Presents related activities source

Letter in the Sand - You say a word and the students identify the beginning letter and write it in sand source

Levels of Phonemic Awareness - Brief listing of the skills children should be able to do and at what age they should be proficient at them source

Making Friends with Phonemes - A good overview of what phonemic awareness is and how to use lessons that promote it in your classroom. Has related words lists to get you started source

Making Words: Cardboard Letters - Students create words from cardboard letters based on patterns and relationships source

Making Words from "Hibernate" - Choose a word that relates to a unit the students have recently studied and have them find new words within it source

Phoneme Segmentation - Lesson plan for teaching students how to break up and identify the sounds found in words source

Phonemic Awareness - This is the International Reading Associations stance on phonemic awareness source

Phonemic Awareness Activities - A list of ten different activities to develop phonemic awareness. Lessons help to develop final consonant sounds and initial consonant sounds source

Picture Sort - Students will identify a picture, listen to the sounds, and be able to sort accordingly source

Recognizing Rhyme Assessment - Quick test you can give your students to see if they can tell when words rhyme and when they do not source

Rhyming Names - Students will practice their rhyming skills with this fun, interactive game source

Rhyming Words - Students will be able to listen to a story and identify rhyming words. They will also be able to match words that rhyme source

Rhyming Words Activities - Students will practice rhyming words and also be able to identify words that rhyme. These lessons will have them active source

Teaching Sound Isolation - Cute song that can be used in class to help students identify the beginning sounds of a word source

Teaching Syllable Segmentation - Basic lesson plan for introducing students to the concept of syllables source

The Letter Hunt - Interactive game that focuses on students listening skills as well as their ability to identify initial letter sounds source

The Sneetches: Phonogram Lesson - Using Dr. Seuss to teach phonograms. A complete lesson plan to allow student to demonstrate his or her understanding of phonograms by creating additional words with the same rime source

Word Hunt - Have students look for specific sounds or patterns in a story they are familiar with source

Yopp-Singer Test for Phoneme Segmentation - An easy-to-administer assessment for phonemic awareness source

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