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Box Town - Students use recycled materials to build town buildings and trees. Illustrated directions are provided source

Community - A collection of lesson plans for teaching about the community. Students simulate an assembly line, create brochures, and interview a guest speaker source

Community Hardships - A lesson plan that guides students in understanding that the environment can create hardships that unite the community. Printable scenarios for discussion are provided source

Folded Paper Houses - Printable patterns and directions for making a paper house, or a paper community. This page also includes a pattern for a store source

Helping Your Community - A guide for helping your students develop an action plan for making a difference in their own communities source

How Communities are Different - A lesson plan that uses poetry and a story to illustrate the differences among communities. Students create a Venn Diagram source

Map of Your Community - A lesson plan that integrates art and cartography. Students create a map of the community source

Mapping Your Neighborhood - Students use atlases, maps, and Web resources to generate and examine maps of their own neighborhoods source

More or Less - Students use pictures to identify things their community needs more or less of. Designed for secondary students, but adaptable source

Neighborhood - A collection of activity ideas, literature suggestions, songs, and crafts for learning about neighborhoods source

Picture a Business - Children create helpful books about local businesses to showwhat resources are available to their community source

Safety Signs - Students make a class chart of neighborhood safety signs. Printable safety signs included source

Signs and Symbols - Students learn about the meanings of signs and synbols in their communities through observing signs, dicussing their meanings, and creating a cartoon source

The City - A thematic unit for teaching the characteristics of a city. Students talk to an alien, make a collage, and simulate a city council meeting source

Using Your Community as a Learning Resource - Activities is for teachers and parents to use with their students and children to encourage the study of their community and to teach them how they can become involved citizens source

Where do you live? - Students build a model community out of recycled cereal boxes and other art materials source

Where I Live - Students make collages representing the features of their neighborhoods source

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