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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt - Some books and activity ideas for a unit on ancient egypt. source

Egypt Literature - Here are a few ideas. Some may be too old for your students to read for themselves, however, so take a look at them in a library to see if you can use them: Picture a Country: Egypt by Henry Pluckrose (Nice easy photo book format), Ms. Frizzles Andventures: Ancient Egypt by Joanna Cole...source

Ancient Egypt - A collection of project ideas for students learning about ancient Egypt. Students construct an Egyptian village, design a pyramid, and make a chart depicting Egyptian workers source

Ancient Egypt - Lesson plans with vocabulary, questions, and activities for teaching about the world of Ancient Egypt, heiroglyphics, and pyramids source

Ancient Egypt - A thematic unit that teaches students about mummification, pyramid construction, heiroglyphs, and the Nile River source

Ancient Egypt Coloring Page - 20 printable blackline coloring pages depicting pyramids, Egyptian dieties, pharaohs, heiroglyphs, and more source

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans - Interdisciplinary lesson plans for teaching about ancient Egypt. Students can make canopic jars, design wall reliefs, and create a metric timeline source

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers - Interdisciplinary lessons about the ancient Egyptian civilization. Students learn about hieroglyphs, mummification, measurement, and Egyptian trading source

Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit - An instructional unit that teaches students about cultures, mummification, pyramids, heiroglyphs, and the Nile River. Higher level thinking skills and intercurricular activcities are emphasizes source

Ancient Egypt Web Site Staff Room - Worksheets, information, and follow-up activities about Ancient Egypt. Students learn about Egyptian life, geography, gods and goddesses, mummification, pharaohs, pyramids, temples, time, trades, and writing source

Cleopatras Palace - An online interactive game with accompanying lesson plans and teacher background information about the Royal Quarter of Alexandria source

Color Me Egypt - Click on an image to print an Egyptian picture to color. Students color pyramids, pharoahs, and more source

Die Like an Egyptian - A collection of Internet based projects for each of the multiple intelligences. source

Draw Like an Egyptian - Step by step directions with examples for drawing an Egyptian figure source

Egypt - A webquest about Ancient Egypt, printable coloring pages, a printable pharoah mask pattern, and an online quiz will excite your students about Egyptian times source

Egypt: Gift of the Nile - A printable instructional unit from the Seattle Art Museum. Students learn about monuments, scribes, religion, daily life, tombs, and more. A reproducible blackline map is also provided source

Egypt Ideas - Five printable dittos and directions for a study of Ancient Egypt. You can print out a pyramid pattern, hieroglyphics translation wheel, Egyptian coffin, bingo study guide, or bingo game sheets source

Egyptian Art Lesson Plans - Students study insect parts and life cycles through a lesson about the Egyptian scarab, and explore archaeology by creating a sarcophagus source

Embellished Egyptian Masks - A lesson plan with a printable template. Art and history are integrated as students create masks in the ancient Egyptian tradition source

Exploring Ancient Egypt - Students learn about Ancient Egyptian measurement and building tools through hands-on activities with printable data recording charts source

Mark Millmores Ancient Egypt - Illustrations of Egyptian hieroglyphs, diagrams of tombs, and biographies of Egyptian rulers source

Mysteries of the Nile: How Did They Do It? - A lesson plan that integrates science and social studies. Students learn how ancient Egyptians used levers to raise obelisks source

Mysteries of the Nile Lesson Plans - Four lesson integrating social studies and science. Students learn how ancient Egyptians may have used simple machines in building monuments source

Newtons Apple Mummies - Students mummify apples using epsom salts, table salt, and baking soda. Information and extension activities are provided source

Papyrus (Egypt) - Illustrated student hand-outs, and project ideas for teaching about making papyrus, the paper of the ancient Egyptians source

Planning a Pyramid - A printable play script taking place in Ancient Memphis during 2700 B.C. source

Pyramid Beanie - A pyramid craft for your students to print, cut, and assemble source

Scaling the Pyramids - A lesson plan that teaches students to use scale by comparing the sizes of world structures to everyday objects. A printable scale pyramid is provided source

What Can I Learn About Ancient Egypt? - A collection of differentied printable activities for a wide range of student abilities source

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