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Colonial Times

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Colonial America - Here are some activities and ideas for teaching about Colonial America in your classroom. source

colonial activities - We make minibooks based on Colonial Education, Colonial Food, Colonial Recreation, A Girls Life, A Boys Life, and Colonial Occupations. Everyone must do the occupations book and 3 others of the list. The main resource we use is the fantastic and colorful ...source

colonial ideas - Write five journal entries from your novel characters point of view that show the difficulties they had in settling into their colony. 2.) Draw a map of the 13 colonies (include geographic details). Attach index cards with information...source

Colonial Times - I do an extensive Colonial times project with my 4th graders. I tell them that it is high time they get a job -a colonial job. I use a form I got from a book on Williiamsburg and sign them up as apprentices. Then I assign each student a job such as a baker, miller, blacksmith...source

13 Colonies Map Worksheet - A printable page with a blackline map of the thirteen colonies and related questions for students to answer source

13 Colonies Print-out - A printable blackline map of the original colonies to label and color source

18th Century Documents - This is college-level reading- but it contains complete transcripts of major political documents including the Articles of Confederation- The Constitution- and the papers of the first presidents source

A Study of the Colonial Economy from 1600 to 1750 - Information and pictures, project ideas, classroom games, and a colonial marketplace reenactment about colonial markets, trade, jobs, money, imports and exports, and mercantilism source

Archiving Early America - Read George Washingtons 1789 proclamation declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday (see Firsts). This is just one of many interesting 18th Century documents taken from newspapers- books- maps and magazines of the period. source

Ben Franklin Timeline - A lesson plan guiding students in understanding the characteristics and contributions of a leader as the work cooperatively to make a class timeline. This lesson could be adapted for study of other leaders source

Benjamin Franklin - A documentary History - A year-by-year chronology of Benjamin Franklins life (advanced reference, text only) source

Colonial Days - Lesson plans, printable worksheets, and online activities about Colonial times. Students explore the geometry of quilts, conduct research, and make discoveries about colonial life source

Colonists in the New World - A collection of lesson plans and activity ideas for teaching about colonial topics including slavery, Puritans, medicine, Native Americans, Jamestown, Massachusetts Bay, travel, plantations, and more source

Come to America - A printable worksheet that guides students in making a travel brochure to attract colonists to the New World source

Cultures in Contact - A ten page teachers guide in PDF format that provides information and activity ideas about the interactions between the English settlers of Jamestown and Native Americans source

Frederica: An 18th Century Planned Community - A lesson plan with printable primary source documents about the colonial settlement, Fredrica in Georgia. Students learn about the conlficts between the British and Spanish forces fighting to control the southeast source

Geography of the English Settlements - Students locate Boston, Philidelphia, and Charleston, and learn why settlements grew near rivers. They also learn three colonial regions: New England, Middle Atlantic, and Southern through a printable chart source

Give me Science or Give me Math - A collection of activity ideas about Colonial America that tie and science and math skills. Students measure angles in the Jamestown fort, dig up clams, make colonial foods, and more source

James Fort Rediscovered - A printable article in English or Spanish with questions. The article discusses the excavation of Jamestown source

Jamestown Change - Students use census data to learn about the names and occupations of Jamestown settlers and understand how life in the Jamestown settlement changed a few years later source

Salem Witch Trials - An online exploration from the Discovery Channel. Students learn about life in Salem in 1612, the witch hunt, and the people involved. Click on Teacher Tips for implementation ideas source

Stratford Hall Plantation - Activity ideas about colonial life from the birthplace of General Robert E. Lee. Students play online games, print out puzzles, make a whirligig, and learn about various aspects of colonial life source

Suagus Ironworks: Life and Work at an Early American Industrial Site - Students use provided maps, readings, photographs, and graphic sources to learn about colonial industry. Students understand the relationship between the areas natural resources and industrial development, and compare this industry in Saugus, Massachusetts to an early industry in their own communities source

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, written between 1771-1788 source

The Peoping of America - A printable worksheet that uses primary sources and statistical data to illustrate the hardships overcome by early settlers source

The Population of Jamestown - A printable chart showing increases and decreases in the population of the Jamestown colony from 1607 to 1644 source

The Thirteen Colonies - A printable crossword puzzle about the oridinal thirteen colonies source

The Thirteen Colonies - Two lesson plans exploring economics in the New World. Students learn the conomic reasons colonists settled in America, and understand what job opportunities were available in the colonies. A printable worksheet about colonial jobs is provided source

Virtual Jamestown Colony Unit - Lesson plans and activities for learning about the Jamestown colony. Topics include colonization, government, economics, society, and more source

Virtual Jamestown in the Classroom - Eight lesson plans with reproducible worksheets and resources. Students use census data to research jobs of colonists, create a newsletter, and evaluate candidates for the leadership of the Jamestown colony source

Witchcraft in Salem - A printable worksheet that uses primary sources to help students explore the Salem witch trials source

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