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Revolutionary War

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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

American Revolution - Here is a collection of ideas for teaching about the American Revolutionary War. source

Ideas for Revolutionary War Unit - I did a unit for the Declaration of Independence last semester. It was a ten day unit. I began with "Welcome to 1776"- the students travelled around centers in the classroom to get the feel of what life is like in the Revolutionary War time. Some of the centers were Colonial food, colonial closet (clothes), colonial transportation, African Americans in colonial times, and political cartoons. At each center, there weresource

1770 The Boston Massacre - A printable play in PDF format about the Boston Massacre source

American Revolution Simulation - Students participate in a high-interest simulation activity to understand varying points of view of participants in the Revolutionary War source

Declaring Independence - The Declaration of Independence- chronology- correspondance and rough drafts preserved by the Library of Congress source

Guilford Courthouse: A Pivotal Battle in the War for Independence - A lesson plan that uses printable maps, primary source readings, and pictures to teach about one of the most important battles of the American Revolution source

How to Cut A Five Pointed Star in One Snip - Step by step directions for making a five pointed star in the manner of Betsy Ross source

Images of the American Revolution - A lesson plan that guides students in analyzing primary source written documents and artwork to understand the reason the founding fathers wanted to create a government to insure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense source

Leaders of Early America - Lesson plans about Paul Revere and the Minutmen, George Washington and the Continental Army, and Thomas Jefferson. Hear vocabulary words in audio files, and find classroom activities. Designed for use with Discovery Channel programs, but adaptable source

Major Battles of the American Revolution - Students use a printable map to trace battles of the Revolutionary War source

One If By Land, Two If By Sea - Students read Longfellows "Paul Reveres Ride" to learn about places significant to the American Revolution source

Paul Revere - A printable article and cloze worksheet about this patriot source

Paul Revere - Midnight Rider - A collection of on-line and printable activities to learn about this American patriot. Students read Longfellows "Paul Reveres Ride" and complete a reproducible sequence chart, then they compare the poem to actual historical events. A printable paper model of the Revere home is provided along with a drawing and songwriting activity source

Proclamation for Freedom: African Americans in the Revolutionary War - Students research African Americans who particiapted in the American Revolution. A lesson plan and list of research topics is included source

Proclamation for Freedom: African-Americans in the Revolutionary War - A lesson plan that guides students in understanding the contributions of African-Americans to the American Revolution. A list of heroes to research is included source

Related Literature Resources - Activities for My Brother Sam is Dead source

Revolutionary War Activity Ideas - A list of activity ideas, and suggested related literature for teaching about the Revolutionary War.Students participate in simulation activities, create a gigantic timeline, and write diaries for colonists points of view source

Spy Letters of the American Revolution - Primary source letters, stories, and the secrets behind revolutionary spying. Click on Teachers Lounge for classroom activities, and curriculum ideas source

The American Revolution - Through simulations and other high-interest activities, students learn about the causes of rebellion, the Boston Tea Party, the Continental Congress, minutemen, Bunker Hill, the Declaration of Independence, patriots, General Washington, battles, and Valley Forge source

The Battle of Oriskany: Blood Shed a Stream Running Down - A lesson plan that uses printable historic maps, readings, and paintings to learn about this Revolutionary War battle source

The Chester Town Tea Party - A lesson plan with extensive printable resources about the Maryland colonists and their way of showing support for their Boston neighbors. The lesson includes a map and a simulation activity source

The French and Indian War - An integrated instructional unit with information, integrated activity ideas, and assessment suggestions for teaching about the French-Indian War, or Seven Years War source

The French and Indian War and Introduction to the Revolution - A lesson plan using music to teach about the French and Indian War, and Acadians source

The History Place: The American Revolution - A chronological history of the American Revolution with images and documents source

The Revolutionary War: A Journey Towards Freedom Teachers Corner - An online teachers forum, printable wordsearch puzzles, learning center ideas, and project suggestions for teaching about the American Revolution. Students make ABC books, quilt squares, and research projects source

Toward Revolution - A printable worksheet that uses primary sources and statistical data to explore the events and ideas leading to the American Revolution source

Valley Forge Archeological Dig - A lesson plan that guides students in analyzing a printable map and an excerpt from George Washingtons orders to his soldiers source

What was the American Revolution - A thematic unit rich in literature connections. The unit teaches students about Washingtons leadership and causes of the Revolutionary War source

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