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Westward Movement

Teaching Grades 4-6 Join us for a friendly exchange of ideas! Teachers in grades 4-6 are encouraged to listen in and get involved! Meet fellow teachers from across the country in our five intermediate and middle grade forums! Free! source

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

The Lewis and Clark Expedition - These are activities to use when studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition. source

Oregon Trail - These are fun activities and books to read while studying about the Oregon Trail. source

Establishing Borders: The Expansion of the United States, 1846-48 - An instructional unit from the Smithsonian that teaches students to read historical maps, and identify political, social, and economic factors that led to the expansion of the United States source

Fur Trade on the Frontier - A lesson plan that guides students in simulating a fur trading post, then writing about their experiences. Includes printable resources. Designed for Missouri students, but adaptable source

Fur Trade on the Frontier - Students learn about bartering by reading "The Ox Cart Man", then simulate trading with beaver pelts source

Going West - A map depicting the route of the Oregon and California trails source

Keys Ranch: Where Timw Stood Still - Students learn about a family who homesteaded in the California desert, then research a settlement in their own area. Printable primary source maps, readings, and photos are provided source

Log Cabin - A lesson plan for creating models of pioneer log cabins. Lesson includes links to log cabin images, and books about Laura Ingalls Wilder source

Log Cabin - A color page to print and color source

Manifest Destiny - A printable worksheet with primary source quotes regarding manifest destiny followed by discussion questions source

Manifest Destiny: Understanding through Simulation - A simulation activity that guides students in understanding conflicts over territory source

Territory: A Game - Students create a board game about a territory acquired by the United States source

The Freeman School: Building Prairie Communities - Using printable primary sources, students learn about the U.S. land and homestead policies and its effect on the development of one room school houses source

The Great Plains: A Harsh Welcome to Settlers - Students learn about the experiences of settlers on the American Great Plains and discover how they used technology to overcome their obstacles source

The Louisiana Purchase - An online activity with a brief teachers guide. Students learn about Jeffersons purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France source

The Transcontinental Railroad - Through an online interctive game, students learn about the growth of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railways. Printable maps and graphic organizers can be found with lesson plans in the Teachers Notes section source

The Wild, Wild West - An integrated unit about the expansion of the frontier after the Civil War. Students sing old western songs, design a homestead, and more source

The Wilderness Ride: Rivers, Roads, Canals, and Railroads - This research projects requires students to select a mode of frontier transportation for a new theme park. source

Trails to The West - A blackline map to print and color. In addition to major forts, this map depicts the following trails: Oregon, California, Mormon, Santa Fe, and Old Spanish source

United States: The Changing Frontier - A printable map and crossword puzzle in PDF format about westward expansion source

United States: The Changing Frontier - Three printable pages in PDF format include a map of the United States depicting changes from early colonization to the late 1800s, a crossword puzzle about the map, and an answer key source

Westward Expansion - An interdisciplinary unit that teaches students map skills as they relate to Westward Movement. Students pake pictographs of pioneers, estimate corn kernels, simulate a western town, and list pioneer problems and solutions source

Westward Movement - An intercurricular unit with lesson plans and printable worksheets about various topics including the Oregon Trail, and the Trail of Tears. Students also write persuasive and procedural compositions source

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