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Civil War

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Civil War Activities - These are Activities that can be used to enrich your instruction about the Civil War. source

Civil War Historical Fiction - you might try some of these for your Civil War Historical Fiction - In My Fathers House by Anne Rinaldi (but it is long for lit circles) - With Every Drop of Blood by James Collier - Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story by Andrea Davis Pickney...source

35 Star Union Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

A Divided State - A script for a short play about Virginias involvement with the Civil War. Discussion questions follow the script source

Battle Flags - An instructional unit about the Civil War. Students learn about the meanings behind flags, analyze letters, a poem, and a personal account, and develop a scrapbook. Designed for Michigan middle school classroom, but adaptable to other states and ages source

Beauvoir Kids Page - Printable activities from the historic home of Confederacy President Jefferson Davis. Print and color pictures of Jefferson Davis, Varina Davis, and battle scenes. Print and play word search puzzles about Confederate generals or arms and equipment source

Befor Brother Fought Brother: Life in the North and South 1847-1861 - Lesson plans that use primary sources to teach students the differences between life in the North and the South before the Civil War and how these differences led to war source

Black Civil War Soldiers Honored - A printable article for students with pictures and questions that ties events of the past to current events source

Chatham Plantation: Witness to the Civil War - A lesson plan that uses historic maps, a reading, and an advertisement to understand the effects of the Civil War on the people living at Chatham Plantation. Students then research how their own communities were affected by a similar disaster source

Civil War - Three lesson plans about the Civil War. Students learn about battles, write diaries using slang, and create biographies of women source

Civil War - Students learn ten facts about the Civil War by making a book source

Civil War Coloring Book - Click on a picture to get a black and white image to print and color source

Civil War Diorama - Directions and printable characters for making a Civil War themed diorama source

Civil War Envelopes - Printable reproductions of Civil War envelopes for your students to cut and use in your class projects. One envelope shows Jefferson Davis going to war. Turn the envelope upsidedown to see an uncomplimentary image about his return from war source

Civil War Lesson Plans and Activities - A collection of lesson plans relating to the Civil War era. Students make timelines, prepare recipes, create a journal, research slavery issues, understand the cost of human lives, analyze drafts of the Gettysburg Address, investigate Lincolns assasination, explore slang, compare combat methods, learn about flag symbols, and decipher morse code source

Civil War Music - Students use internet resources to compare the lyrics of Civil War songs of the North and South. Students identify the different purposes of the songs source

Civil War Unit - An interdisciplinary unit about the Civil War. Students write a Civil War diary, explore Underground Railroad quilt designs, learn about the Missouri Compromise, and more source

Civil War Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable puzzle of people, places, and things realted to the Civil War source

Confederate Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Fort Pickens and the Outbreak of the Civil War - Through printable maps, readings, pictures, and diagrams, students learn how this fort in Pensacola. Florida delayed the start of the Civil War source

Lesson Plan Ideas on the Civil War - A collection of lessons about various aspects of the civil war including slavery, agriculture, and the differences between the North and the South source

Lesson Plan: The Civil War - A thematic unit integrating reading and writing. Unit provides recommended trade books, language arts activities, enrichment ideas, and web links to enrich your study of the Civil War source

Letters, Telegrams, and Photographs Illustrating Factors the Affected the Civil War - Students explore primary source documents explaining the causes of the civil war, and take on a role of a person living during this era source

Light in the Storm - An instructional unit with online and offline activities to learn about lighthouses during the Civil War source

Lincoln Letter Shows the Human Side of War - A printable article with pictures about a prisoner exchange between the Union and Confederate armies arranged by President Lincoln and Stephen Alexander. Available in Spanish source

Lincolns Secret Weapon - Students learn about the workings of the Monitor, a sunken Civil War Ship, through a hands-on lesson about decompression source

Mary Chestnut and Her Diary - A printable play about the Southern perspective of the Civil War source

My Uncle, Sergeant Carney - A lesson plan and printable article about an African American soldier serving the Union army during the Civil War era source

Points of View The Civil War - An integrated language arts and social studies unit about the Civil War. Students create a poem, conduct research, design a portrait, and compose music source

Soldiers Occupations - A printable pie chart showing the jobs of Union soldiers prior to entering the army source

Spies in Disguise: Female Civil War Spies - Students research individually and cooperatively a female Civil War spy, then present a news broadcast about her contributions. This lesson is designed for secondary students, but is adaptable source

The Advantages/Disadvantages of the Civil War - Through a simulation activity, students one of the reasons that the South lost the Civil War source

The Civil War - Students learn about the Civil War events, battles, and people through maps, charts and research. Designed for use with internet-based research but adaptable source

The Civil War as Photographed by Mathew Brady - A lesson plan from the National Archives that guides students in analyzing Civil War photographs and understanding the Constitutional issues surrounding the Civil War source

The Civil War for Kids - See samples of student projects, and click on activity sheets for three printable activities to use with your class source

The Fight for Equal Rights: Black Soldiers in the Civil War - A lesson plan using primary source documents to teach about the conditions of African Americans during the Civil War. Students analyze a poster, produce creative writing, and present an oral report source

The Monitor - Historical information and pictures about the Civil War era battleship. Click on "Teacher/Student Resources" for classroom activities source

The Underground Railroad - An online simulation that guides students in their escape to freedom. Click on Classroom Ideas for age appropriate activities for your students source

Uncommon Soldiers: Women During the Civil War - Information and cross-curricular activity ideas for learning about the women who thought and died during the Civil War source

Vicksburg National Military Park - Interdiciplinary activities for teaching about the Civil War through primary and secondary sources including songs, letters, political cartoons, and more. Includes documents and printable activity pages source

What do you See? - Students analyze a Civil War photograph to understand the connection between the Civil War and industrialization. Printable photographs and resources are provided source

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