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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

President's Day - Lesson and activity ideas for celebrating President's Day source

Presidential Thoughts Bulletin Board -
After learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln my students pretended that they were each president. They then wrote autobiographies including interesting facts about the two presidents. They wrote their stories inside of books that were shaped like the silhouette of the presidentıs head. So when you open the book...source

American Presidents Life Portraits - Teacher Guides for each of the U.S. Presidents. Designed for use with C-SPAN programming, but adaptable source

Birthplace of John F. Kennedy - A lesson plan that uses primary sources to explore the life and times of President Kennedy. Printable resources are provided source

Dwight D. Eisenhower: Dreams of a Barefoot Boy - Through primary sources, historical information, and learning activities, students explore the life and times of President Eisenhower. The teachers guide includes adaptation suggestions for younger students source

First Grade Presidents Project - Includes a description of the project and a printable KWL chart to help students organize their research source

George W. Bush - A printable article and worksheet about the 43rd president source

George W. Bush - A printable comprehension worksheet about President Bush source

Growing Into Public Service: William Howard Tafts Boyhood Home - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures, and activities about President Taft and his familys civic contributions to the United States source

Hail to the Chief - A lesson that integrates social studies and music. Students listen to the presidential theme, "Hail to the Chief" in several styles, then create a theme of their own. This lesson could be done in a one-computer classroom source

Hamilton and Jefferson - A lesson plan that asks students to read an article, then compare Jefferson and Hamilton using a graphic organizer source

Harry S. Truman Library Activities for Primary Grades - A collection of activity ideas for teaching about President Truman and his era. Activities are listed by subject area. Many activities use primary source dosuments which are online and printable source

Herbert Hoover: Iowa Farm Boy an World Humanitarian - A lesson plan with a map, printable readings, pictures, and activity ideas for teaching about President Hoover and his contributions as the "Great Humanitarian" source

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum - Resources for teaching about President Hoover and his times source

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States - This site presents every American presidents inaugural address in its entirety (advanced reading) source

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis - A printable comprehension activity about this famous first lady source

James K. Polk Ancestral Home Educational Resources - Lesson plans, classroom activities, and reading suggestions for teaching about James K. Polk, the eleventh president source

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park Kids Activity Page - Printable puzzles, pictures and games about the life of President Johnson source

Martin Van Burens Return to the Soil - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures, and activities about President Van Buren and his contributions to the Jacksonian Era source

Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria - A printable readers theater script retelling a Nigerian folktale about the pitfalls of pride source

Memories of Montpelier: Home of James and Dolly Madison - Students learn about the significance of Montepelier during Madisons service as Secretary of State to President. Printable primary source documents teach students about daily life in the 19th century and attitudes toward slavery. Students also explore historical residences in their own communities source

North America Label Me Print-out - A printable blackline map of North America to color and label source

POTUS (Presidents of The United States) - Basic information and great links to online biographies, historical documents, audio and video files for all the U.S. presidents source

President for a Day - An online activity takes students through a Presidents day source

President George W. Bush - A prinatble worksheet that asks students to read information about President Bush, then asnwer comprehension questions source

Presidents - Printable black and white portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. There is also a printable White House Coloring Page, and Presidents Day stationary source

Presidents Index - An index of presidents of the United States with links to selected writings, speeches, biographical information for each, and related web sites source

Presidents of the United States - A list of activity ideas for learning about the presidents. Students research the many homes of the president, study monuments, and more source

Project Whistlestop - Lesson plans, primary source documents, project ideas, and a special section for primary activities about Harry Trumans life and presidency source

Rock N Roll Mount Rushmore - Students create a brochure for visitors explaining what the monument to the presidents means to America source

Sound Samples from US Presidents - Hear short audio samples of nineteen US Presidents from Cleveland to Clinton source

Springwood: Birthplace and Home to Franklin D. Roosevelt - Students use printable primary source documents to uinderstand how President Roosevelts early life impacted his policies and decisions in public life source

Teddy Roosevelt - A pretest, posttest, and printable scavenger hunt for researching the life of President Roosevelt source

Thaw in the Cold War: Eisenhower and Khrushchev at Gettysburg - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures, and activities about President Eisenhowers diplomacy during Cold War negotiations with the Soviet Union source

The Age of Franklin D. Roosevelt - Lesson plans and resources for teaching about the Great Depression, the contributions of President Roosevelt, and the effect of World War II on humanity source

The American Presidency - From Grolier online comes this research resource about the presidents. Categorized by grade level, the site makes biographies of presidents and first ladies easily available source

The American Presidency: A Virtual Tour - A narrated tour through the presidency for teachers and students. Click on classroom activities for related lesson ideas. Some links on the tour are not working source

The Here and Now Reproducible Book of George W. Bush - Background information and printable activities about the President and First Lady source

The Log Cabin Rally at Stratton Mountain - Students learn about the nomination of William Henry Harrison by exploring primary source documents source

The Next President of the United States...YOU! - A collection of learning center ideas with printable directions for each center and activity pages. Students write a letter to the President, read Abe Lincolns Hat, unscramble vocabulary words, and more source

The Presidents Symbol - A printable activity page that shows the parts of the Presidential Seal, then asks students to design their own seals source

The Story of Theodore Roosevelt - Information, timelines, realaudio interviews, and a teachers guide for learning about President Roosevelt. Brief classroom activity ideas can be adapted for use without the PBS video series source

The White House Historical Society Learning Center - Lesson plans for elementary students about the presidency, the White House, and the First Kids that lived in the White House. Printable student pages are provided source

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site - Students learn about the significance of President Roosevelt to change in American politics and social reform. Printable primary sources are provided source

Thomas Jefferson - A printable article, timeline, and worksheet about President Jefferson source

Tracking Truman - A lesson plan with a printable graphic organizer, web links, and scoring guide for a research project about President Truman source

Truman Library Student Activities - Lesson ideas and activities for using primary sources for understanding events occuring during the Truman administration source

U.S. Presidents - A printable wordsearch puzzle that asks students to find the names of twenty presidents source

U.S. Presidents Clip Art - Free clip art and biographical information about Presidents from Washington to Bush source

U. S. Presidents Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle of the presidents from Washington to Clinton source

What was James Madisons Legacy? - Students learn about President Madisons contributions to the Constitution and American citizenship through readings and critical thinking questions source

William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe - A teaching guide based on a Patria Press book includes discussion questions, activities, and web-links that could be used independently source

Woodrow Wilson: Prophet of Peace - A lesson plan with maps, speeches, illustation, photographs and a political cartoon about peace visionary, Woodrow Wilsons ideals source

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