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New World Exploration

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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

Explorers - Ideas and activities for teaching about explorers source

A Journal of Discovery - Students use the scientific explorers accompanying Captain James Cook in the South Pacific as inspiration for creating observation journals source

An Adventure to the New World - Students create an "Explorers Notebook" as they learn about explorers from the 15th and 16th centuries. Includes a hotlist of Internet sites students can explore! source

Caravel: A Revolutionary Sailing Ship - Information and a printable diagram about a ship used by early explorers. Click on the link at the bottom for th printable blackline diagram source

Conquistadors - An instructional unit that teaches students about the exploratin and settlement of Florida and the American Southwest. Printable activities including a gameboard are provided source

Cortes in Tenochtitlan - A printable worksheet that guides students in reading a description of an Aztec city, then naswering questions about the description source

Discovery of the Americas: A Play About Early Explorers - A printable script that teaches students about Lief Ericcson, Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Amerigo Vespucci, Vasco de Balboa, and Ferdinand Magellan source

Explorer Information Sheet - A printable worksheet for recording information about an explorer being researched source

Explorer Report - Directions for making a written Explorer Report and Presentation. Click on Rubric at the bottom for assessment ideas source

Explorers - A printable word search puzzle of eighteen explorers names source

Explorers, Fur Traders, the Metis Peoples, Early Immigrants, and Treaties - Students learn about the early exploration and settlement of Canada through lessons with student information sheets and classroom activities source

Explorers Sampler - Three printable worksheets about explorers. Students answer story problems and learn about the spice trade source

Follow an Explorer - A printable worksheet that guides students in completing a project about an explorer. Students research the explorers personal background, route, and transportation source

Goblins Coming Ashore - An instructional unit with activity ideas, printable readings, and graphic organizers about the three voyages of of Captain James Cook, and his search for a southern continent in the eighteenth century source

Lessons of the Explorers - Over a dozen activity ideas with web links and printables about explorers of the millenium from ancient times to the present source

Magellans Route - A printable blackline map of Magellans route of his travels around the world from 1519-1522 source

Mini Poster for New World Explorers - Students use research skills to design an illustrated, informative poster about an explorer source

Spanish Galleon - A printable Spanish explorers ship to cut and assemble source

The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide - Information and activities about explorers, including Columbus, Magellan, Cabot, Drake, Hudson, Cartier, and Cook. Scroll to the bottom for printable student worksheets and teachers guide source

The Belle Surfaces at Matagorda Bay - A printable article (also in Spanish) with questions and pictures about the dicovery of Lasalles ship source

The Mariners Museum Student Activities - Twelve activities including reproducible patterns and worksheets. Students learn about life as an explorer by creating an astrolab, learning about scurvy, and identifying navigational instruments source

Voyage of Doom - From PBS, a website about the excavation of French explorer Robert Cavelier Sieur de la Salles ship, the La Belle. Click on Teachers Guide for classroom activities. Designed for use with PBS programming, but adaptable source

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