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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


Afghanistan Flag - A reproducible flag to print a color source

Afghanistan Map - A blank blackline map to print and color source

Afghanistans Flag - Information about the country of Afghanistan. Click on the links at the bottom for a printable flag worksheet and map of the Middle East source

Asia - Reproduce this blackline political map of Asia for your students to color and label source

Asian Studies Units - Instructional units in PDF format about Japan and China. Students learn about Asian arts, fuedalism, and celebrations source

Bhutan The Last Shangri-La - Lesson plans about Bhutans Buddism, environment, migration, and culture. Unit includes science and social studies activities source

Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month - Instructional ideas, links, and lesson plans about Asian topics including prominent Asian Americans, Asian folktales, origami, cooking, and timelines source

Destination: Kyrgyzstan - Five lesson plans with printable activity sheets about the geography and culture of Kyrgyzstan. From the Peace Corps Global Education Resources source

Destination Nepal - Games, folktales, geography and culture of Nepal are taught through this collection of lesson plans source

Genghis Khan In Your Classroom - Classroom activity ideas categorized by grade level and information for teaching about the Mongol leader source

Housing in Hong Kong and Rural Java - Students read and discuss descriptions of housing and Hong Kong and Indonesia, then compare these types of housing to their own source

How Did the Mongols Create a Great Land Empire - A lesson plan with a printable blackline map and handouts about the Mongol Empire of Chinggis Khan source

Indonesia - A compliation of worksheets, activities and projects for learning about the country of Indonesia. Students color pictures of Indonesian foods and homes. source

Indonesia Flag - A reproducible flag pattern to print and color source

Kabuls Troubles - Students learn of the many political changes that have occured in Afghanistan to understand the signifcance of the fleeing of the Taliban from Kabul source

Kite Making - Students will design and create their own kite. Lesson includes directions and background information source

Mongolia - Students learn that the physical characteristics of the steppe affect how Mongolians make a living. Three prinbtable activities are provided source

Mount Everest - Students learn about Mount Everest and Nepal through cooperative learning and critical thinking. They create a map, and color a flag of Nepal source

North Korea - A printable blackline map of North Korea source

North Korea Flag - A reproducible flag o print and color source

Pakistan and Afghanistan Map - A printable blackline map of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and their neighbors source

Pakistans Flag - A printable worksheet with a blackline flag to color source

Philippines Flag - A reproducible flag to print and color source

Philippines Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Philippines Map - A printable blackline map of the Philippines source

Pusa at Aso - Printable directions for palying a traditional game from the Philippines source

Rice from Thailand - A lesson plan that guides students in understanding the importance of rice as a food staple in Thailand, and observing the physical characteristics of rice source

South Korea Flag - A reproducible flag to print and color source

South Korea Map - A printable blackline map of South Korea source

Southeast Asia Map - A printable blackline map depicting Malaya, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo source

Tawain - A printable blackline map of Tawain source

Thailand - Directions for a traditional game called takraw, similar to Hackysack source

Thailand Flag - A reproducible flag to print and color source

Thailand Student Activities - Eight printable activities with teachers notes for teaching about Thai religions, resources, government, industry and more source

The Crystal Heart - A printable readers theater script based on a Vietnamese legend source

Turkeys Flag - A reproducible worksheet to color, read, and comprehend source

Vietnam: A Childrens Guide - Information about Vietnam with teacher resources including lesson ideas and printable worksheets, and a literature connection with Angel Child, Dragon Child source

Vietnam for the Elementary Classroom - Several printable worksheets about Vietnam. Students learn Vietnamese language, holidays and food source

Wild Indonesia Classroom Resources - Social studies and science lesson plans with activity sheets. Students design a virtual cruise, and learn about animals indigenous to Indonesia source

Yaks in My Yard - A thematic unit that emphasizes geography and culture. Students learn about the Sherpas, design a village, a present a play demonstrating a ceremony source

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