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South America

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


A Clash of Cultures - A printable worksheet about the Yanomami forest people of Brazil. Students view a picture, and find things that are not part of Yanomami culture source

Argentina Flag - A reproducible balckline flag to print and color source

Argentinas Flag - A printable activity page about the flag of Argentina source

Bolivia Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Brazil Flag - A reproducible flag of Brazil to print and color source

Brazil Map - A blank blackline map of Brazil to print and color source

Brazil Map - A printable blackline map of Brazil to color and label source

Brazils Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Brazils Flag - A printable blackline flag of Brazil source

Chile Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Colombia - Vocabulary words, a printable map, and lessons for learning about the country of Colombia source

Columbia Flag - Print and color Columbias flag source

Create a Retabillo - An art project in which students create a simulated Latin American Retabillo showing scenes of village life source

Elementary Spanish Sample Lessons - Lesson plans, printable worksheets, and vocabulary lists for introducing the Spanish language to your students. Lessons teach parts of the body, numbers, and greetings source

Hispanic World Unit - Students use research and computer skills to explore Hispanic cultures. Six lesson plans provide step-by-step instructions source

Hit the Penny - Directions for playing a traditional Chilean childrens game source

Korubo Expedition Contact - Information and pictures about the Korubo people of the Amazon in Brazil. Click on Resources for classroom activities listed by grade level source

Label the South American Countries - A blackline map to print, label, and color source

Latin American Pals:An Introduction to Latin America - A lesson plan with handouts for a research project about a Latin American country source

Manu Perus Hidden Rainforest - Information and activities for teaching. The classroom resources section includes seven lesson plans abou the geography and wildlife of the Manu region of Peru source

On the Pampas - A literature based lesson plan about the Pampas, a region of Argentina, and the gaucho culture source

Packing for Paraguay - Students use research skills to prepare for a simulated Peace Corps volunteer mission to semi-tropical Paraguay source

Paraguay Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Patagonia: Life at the End of the Earth - Students learn about Patagonia, Argentina through information, related links, and six lesson plans source

Peru Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

South America - A reproducible map for your students to color and label the countries of South America source

The Andes Mountains: The Backbone of South America - Students learn about the geography, geology, and cultures surrounding the Andes in this two week thematic unit with printable worksheets source

Trade Missions - A lesson plan for a project about trade in Latin America. Students promote trade in a selected country by creating a sales brochure source

Travel the Amazon Game - Students explore the Amazon by playing this game with a printable gameboard, tokens, cards, and spinner source

Uraguay Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Venezuela - Information about Venezuelas flag. Scroll down for a printable blackline flag and outline map source

Venezuela Flag - A reproducible flag to print and color source

Venezuela Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

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