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Middle Ages / Renaissance

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Middle Ages - Ideas and activities for teaching middle ages. source

castle themed door - You could make the outside of your door like a castle. Make a bridge out of bulletin board paper, tape it to...source

Michelangelo - You didnt mention what grade you teach, but when I taught grade 5, we read the book "From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler". The story actually takes place in New York, but deals primarily with a sculpture that may or may not have been made by Michaelangelo. I tied that in to many lessons on Italy and Italian Renaissance art. The kids loved it. I even had them paint "Sistine Chapel style" by ...source

Middle Ages unit - I taught the Middle Ages for a whole semester last year. We had a blast! I used several resources, but if I had to recommend just one it would be Picture the Middle Ages by...source

Activity Page - Printable activity pages with medieval themes. Find coloring pages, mazes, and finger puppets of knights, dragons, and more source

Black Plague Simulation - Directions and information for conducting a simulation of the Black Plague which ravaged Europe during the Middle Ages source

Bubonic Plague Role Play - Through a script and role play situations, students learn the causes of the Bubonic Plague source

Castle Border Paper - A printable blackline castle template source

Castle Craft - Printable patterns for making castle walls, castle turrets, and turret tops source

Castles and Kings - A lesson plan that integrates language arts and social studies. Students create a newspaper about medieval times source

Castles for Kids - Four printable coloring pages of castles source

Collaborative Thematic Unit: The Middle Ages - A unit with several activity ideas, bibliography, and literature lesson plans about medieval times. Students may enjoy making a dragon puppet and following the code of chivalry source

Days and Days of Knights: A Unit on the Middle Ages - Classroom activities for having a medieval festival in your school. Topics include a tournament, research projects, and crafts source

Faire Time: Middle Ages Come to Life - A PDF format instructional unit for planning and executing a Medieval Faire in the classroom. Costume ideas, projects, characters, a parent letter, and more are provided source

Kids in the Castle: Lessons,Activities, and Virtual Tours - A collection of links with ideas for using them in the classroom. Topics include a printable castle maze, online castle tours, and integrated art activities all about castles source

Kings, Queens and Castles - Nursery rhymes, coloring pages, and craft ideas for a medieval theme source

Knights Quest - This unit students to explore the Middle Ages by concentrating on three broad areas: castles, feudalism, and famous people source

Marco Polo and China - Students read an excerpt from Marco Polos memoirs of China, then compare medieval China and Europe. A printable worksheet and bibliography are provided source

Medieval Times - A collection of interdisciplinary project ideas for teaching about the Middle Ages. Students design a coat of arms, make a scroll TV, and construct paper mache castles source

Middle Aged Manuscripts - A lesson plan with a printable activity pages. Students learn to make illuminated manuscripts in medieval style source

Middle Ages Projects - A generous collection of research and craft project ideas for Medieval studies. Students describe the life of a peasant, prepare a medival dish, research uses for herbs, and more source

The Middle Ages - A good source of high-interest background information about daily life in the Middle Ages. All text (advanced reading) source

The Middle Ages: Twelve Activities Bring Students Back in Time - A collection of activity ideas with related internet links for learning about medieval times. Topics include sundials, A Door in the Wall, ballads, and more source

The Travels of Marco Polo - Students read primary sources and participate in writing activities to learn about Marco Polo and the silk road source

Times Medieval - Lesson plans with vocabulary, questions, and activity ideas for teaching about medieval castles, stained glass, King Arthur, manuscripts, and music. Designed for use with Discovery Channel programs, but adaptable source

When Was the Medieval Period - Information and two printable worksheets about the Middle Ages is Britain. Students learn about the Battle of Hastings and the Black Death source

Why Did a Knight Need to Have a Coat of Arms - Two reproducible blackline masters that guide students in making a coat of arms source

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