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World War II

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy - Students use a document analyis worksheet to analyze President Franklin Roosevelts first War Address, then listen to a brief excerpt from the address in an audio file source

A Real Life Rosie the Riveter - A printable article for students in English or Spanish about Rose Monroe and her contributions. Includes pictures, questions, and a version in Spanish source

Attu: The North American Battleground of World War II - A lesson plan using primary source maps, readings, drawings, and photos. Students learn about the significance of a minor battle between Japan and the United States source

Battle of Midway - A printable coloring page of the Battle of Midway and the Heroic actins of Captain Richard Flemming source

Breaking the Code - Students learn about the significance of cryptography to World War II, and create their own number based codes source

Britain Since the 1930s: The Evacuation - A collection of four activity ideas about the British evacuation of women and children at the onset of World War II. Students make a propaganda poster, an identity badge, a postcard, and an evacuee list source

Citizenship Denied: An Integrated Unit on the Japanese American Internment - Background information, lesson ideas, a bibliography, and primary source documents for teaching about the interment of Japanese Americans during World War II source

Code Talkers - A lesson plan with printable handouts about the Navajo code talkers of World War II source

Decoding Nazi Secrets - Lesson plans with printable activities and answer keys. Students learn how the Allies decoded the ciphers of the Nazi regime. Designed for use with a Nova broadcast, but adaptable source

Decoding Nazi Secrets - Students learn how the Allies cracked the impenetrable codes produced by the Nazis Enigma code machine source

Dr. Seuss Went to War - A catalog of political cartoons created by Dr.Seuss during World War II source

EyeWitness: World War II - Here are exciting first-hand accounts to share with students including the attack on Pearl Harbor. source

George C. Marshall: Soldier of Peace - Teacher resources including readings and discussion questions for learning about the Chief of Staff of the United States Army during World War II source

Hitlers Lost Sub - Students learn about a sunken U-boat sixty miles off the coat of the coast of New Jersey, then make their own submarines source

Japanese American Relocation - A printable chart of interment camps for Japanese Americans during World War II source

Japanese Relocation During World War II - A lesson plan with primary source documents and photographs about Japanese interment. Students analyze documents, dramatize this time in history, and research reimbursement of detainees source

Mapping the Australian Experience during World War II - A lesson plan with printable activity pages. Students use articles and a map to locate areas of Australian battle engaements source

Message Drafted by General Eisenhower in Case the D-day Invasion Failed - Students explore Eisenhowers message and photographs to understand the significance of the D-day invasion source

Origins of the Second World War - A lesson plan with printable resources about political events surrounding Russia, Serbia, and Austria-Hungary before World War II. A printable worksheet about trench warfare is also included source

Remembering D-Day - A collection of links to online resources with ideas for connecting them to classroom instruction source

Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona - A lesson plan with historical information, maps, charts, readings, pictures, and activity ideas for teaching about the bombing of Pearl Harbor source

Sythetic Fibers - Students learn abou the invention of Nylon, and Nylons importance to World War II source

The Berlin Airlift - A lesson plan analyzing a CIA document to President Truman. Students learn about the Soviet blockade of Berlin following World War II source

The Internment of Japanese Americans During World War II - A lesson plan that guides students in researching the daily life of Japanese-Americans in internment camps source

The Stocking Story - A lesson plan that guides students in using primary sources to discover the effect of World War II on nylon fiber. The lesson includes readings, questions, and primary source documents. Designed for secondary students, but adaptable source

Truman Library Teacher Lessons - A collection of elementary and secondary lessons, student projects, and instructional stratedies related to the Truman Era source

We Witnessed the Attack on Pearl Harbor - Eyewitness accounts, a timeline, and a teachers guide for teaching about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 source

We Witnessed the Attack on Pearl Harbor - From Scholastic, eyewitness accounts, a timeline, and a teachers guide about the Attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 source

Working With Timelines - Students analyze a timeline and choose the ten most significant events of World War II source

World War II - An interdisciplinary unit about World War II. Students learn about Hitler, propaganda, genocide, and the atom bomb source

World War II - Through primary source quotes and statistical charts, students learn about World War II and its impact in the United States and the world source

World War II Integrated Unit - An intercurricular unit with lessons involving Lois Lowreys novel Number the Stars. source

World War II Remembered - An informative website with pictures, primary source documents, and articles about Ann Frank, Hiroshima, and Pearl Harbor. Scroll to the bottom for Teachers Guide source

WWII Alliances - A printable chart showing the Axis and Allied powers, their countries, and their leaders source

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