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A Meeting With Chief Okemos - An online project, adaptable for print research, in which students travel back in time to 1796 to warn the Okemos chief of an assassination plot source

Cherokee Culture - Information about the Cherokee Nations language- flag and history source

Cherokee Nation - The official website of the Cherokee Nation source

Ernest Whiteman - Students view and read about the art of Arapaho artist Ernest Whiteman, who has modeled his work after American petroglyphs. Click on Discussion/Activities for interdisciplinary classroom ideas source

Fun with Numbers - With printable activities, students learn to write a number sentence uding Lakota Sioux words source

Knife River: Early Village Life - A lesson plan that uses primary source maps, readings, and pictures to teach about the Hidatsa and Mandan groups source

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site - A teachers guide with information, discussion questions, pictures, and activity ideas for teaching about the Hidatsa people of Missouri source

Nebraska Trailblazer: American Indians - Activity ideas, reproducible activities, and teacher information about the Native Americans of the Plains source

Norval Morrisseau - A lesson plan that guides students in creating simulated Ojibwa pictures source

Sioux Treaty of 1868 - Students use printable worksheets to analyze photographs and documents relating to a treaty between the United States government and the Sioux source

Sun Dance Skull - A lesson plan for an art project in which students make a simulated Lakota Sioux buffalo skull for a sun dance source

Teachers Guide to Craters of the Moon History - Background information and four lesson activities with reproducibles about the Shoshone Native Americans relationship to the Craters of the Moon site in Idaho source

The History of Sioux Native Americans - An interdisciplinary unit with step-by-step lesson plans. Students read If You Lived with the Sioux Indians, play traditional games, and more source

The History of the Sioux Native Americans - Intercurricular lessons about the Sioux people of the Dakotas. Students learn about the buffalo hunt, customs, respect for elders, and more source

The Plains Indians - Intercurricular lessons for teaching about the Plains Indians and their reliance on the Sacred Dog, the horse source

The Trail on Which the Wept - An instructional unit about the Cherokee Trail of Tears based on the book, "The Trail on Which the Wept", but includes activities and reproducibles that can stand alone source

Tracking the Buffalo - Students learn about the Native Americans of the Plains and their dependence on the buffalo. Printable activity pages and teacher resources are provided source

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