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A Navajo Thunder Song - Students interpret a traditional Navajo song to better understand the influences of nature on Navajo life. Lesson includes a reproducible master of the song source

Anasazi Workshop - A collection of lesson plans that explore the heritage, environment, and art of the Anasazi people source

Aztec Ruins National Park - A 98 page curriculum in PDF format uses maps, pictures, charts, science activities, social studies lessons, and math to teach students about the lives of ancestral puebloans of New Mexico source

Community Comparisons: Living with the Navajo - An integrated thematic unit about the Navajo of the past and present. Includes lessons on deserts, related literature, and modern Navajo source

Gran Quivira: A Blending of Cultures - Students learn about the life of the Pueblo people of Gran Quivira and the influence of the Spanish missionaries on them. This lesson plan includes printable primary source maps, readings, photographs, and drawings source

In the Time of the Old Ones - A Webquest that guides students to understand the close relationship bewteen the Navajo and the land source

Mimbres Pottery - A lesson plan for creating coil pottery in the style of the Mimbres Pueblo of New Mexico. Links to related informational sites are included source

Native Americans in the West - With printable, ready-to-go resources, students compare perspectives of Native Americans and pioneers during the Gold Rush era source

Native Americans of Arizona - A web-based unit in which students use the internet to research Hopi, Apache, and Navajo Native Americans source

Navajo Burntwater Designs - A cooperative learning lesson plan that integrates social studies, math, and art. Students create an art project in the style of a Navajo rug using geometric patterns. Scroll to bottom for directions is Spanish source

Navajo Weaving - A lesson plan with pictures and inctructions for making natural fabric dyes in the tradition of the Navajo weavers source

Serrano Classroom Activities - Online lessons with teachers notes about the Serrano Native Americans of California. Students learn about the Serrano people of the past, their food, myths, and petroglyphs source

Serrano Native Americans - Cultural information about the Serrano people of southern California. Click on "Classroom Activities" for web-based lesson plans about the location, heritage, food, and legends of the Serranos source

The Coahuiltecans - A lesson plan with printable illustrations about the Texas Gulf Coast Native American group. Activity ideas, map, and vocabulary list provided source

Wappo Indians of Napa County - Information, student activities, and teacher tips about the Wappo Native Americans of California. Students write a descriptive paragraph about Wappo heritage source

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