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Women In History

Womens History - Perhaps then you can divide your class into interview partners to do a bit of research on the woman they are interested in. The interviewer needs to do research, too. These are the women covered in the books I mentioned: Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) Americas First Woman Physician; Amelia Earhart...source

Womens History BB - Last year I cut up a calendar and a date book of famous women and put the pictures and blurbs about the women on card paper and arranged it on my bulletin board. It was quite the conversation piece in my classroom for the few weeks it was up. The kids took time to stop and check out the women - I tried to put up a wide array...source

Womens History Project - We use the picture book Dinner at Aunt Connies by Faith Ringgold. In the story, the little girls aunt is a painter, and each year, she has an exhibition.The paintings in the gallery the day she visits are all famous women in black history. Some are well known like Harriet Tubman...source

A Tribute to Womens Herstory - Take an online quiz, make a womens history collage, print a teeny tiny book about womens suffrage, view a hypercard stack, and read the 19th ammendment source

An Important Coin - A printable worksheet about the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Students use an example to design their own coins source

Antebellum Temperance and Abolitionist Movements - Students anaylze primary source documents to understand the battles of women against alcohol abuse and slavery. A twelve page teachers guide includes lesson plan and documents source

Biographies of Women Mathematicians - Short biographies of women mathematicians from the 5th century BC to modern times source

Celebrate Womens History Month - A webquest, lesson plan, interactive story, and classroom ideas for recognizing womens contributions to the world source

Clara Bartons House: Home of the American Red Cross - A lesson plan with maps, primary source readings, pictures, and classroom activities about American reformer, Clara Barton and her contributions source

Eleanor Roosevelt - From PBSs American Experience a website about the life amd times of this famous first lady. Read her newspaper column, explore her declassified FBI file, and interpret a timeline of her life. Click on Teachers Guide for classroom activities. Designed for use with PBS programming, but adaptable source

Eleanor Roosevelt: The First Lady of the World - A printable readers theater script for six performers source

Female Frontiers - Students learn about women in the NASA space program. Topics covered include the space shuttle and Commander Eileen Collins with printable activities source

First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures and activities about Eleaneor Roosevelt, and her involvement in the creating of the Declaration of Human Rights source

Great Women in American History - A thematic unit emphasizing fine arts. Students learn about American heroines through writing and art activities source

Helen Keller: A Remarkable Woman - A printable readers theater script for six performers source

Madeline Albright: The First Woman to Take Office of Secretary of State - A printable article (also in Spanish) for students about Madeline Albright. Article includes pictures and questions source

Sally Ride - A printable article, cloze worksheet and astronaut about this space pioneer source

Suffrage - When, Where, and the Obstacles to Overcome - Classroom activities to teach about women gaining the right to vote. Students read political cartoons and a fact sheet source

The Life and Times of Amelia Earhart - Students learn about this pioneering pilot and the era in which she lived. Click on teachers guide for classroom activities source

The MClintock House: Home to the Womens Rights Movement - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures, and activities about the Womens Rights Movement in Seneca Falls, New York in the mid 1800s source

Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment - A lesson plan using primary source documents to help students understand the changing roles of women over time source

Women in American History - From Encyclopaedia Britannica, information, online activity pages, and a teachers guide for learning about the contributions of American women from 1600 to the present. Clcik ion "Study Guide" for classroom materials source

Women in History Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable puzzle of the names of world renown women source

Women in World History - Lesson plans about the contibutions and struggles of women of the past. Lessons cover weaving tools from Pompeii, life in ancient Mesopotamia, Confucianism, Suffrage, ancient Egypt, and the early Industrial Revolution source

Womens History Printables - Printable activities for learning about Susan B. Anthony, Jada Snow Wong, Harriet Tubman, Dolores Huerta, and Maria Tallchief. Scroll to the bottom for biographical information source

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