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Ancient Rome

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A Day at the Roman Forum - Students learn about life in Ancient Rome by researching the Roman Forum and writing an account of a day in the forum. A printable research guide and bibliography are provided source

Ancient Rome - A printable word search puzzle about Ancient Rome source

Ancient Rome - A PDF format instructional unit aboot Ancient Rome. Ten lesson plans cover geography, Latin language, mosaics, the Punic Wars and more. Printable activities are provided source

Ancient Rome - A thematic unit that teaches students about the characteristics of Roman society, Roman measurement, scientific contributions of Romans, and Roman numerals. Intercurricular activity ideas emphasize higher level thinking skills source

Ancient Rome Coloring Pages - Ten printable pictures to color. Pictures depict Roman soldiers, armor, architecture, and clothing source

Dictator for a Day - Students explore the pros and cons of a dictatorship and apply their ideas to understanding the world of Ancient Rome. Designed for use with Discovery Channel programming, but adaptable source

Here Ye! Here Ye! Here Come the Romans! - An instructional unit in PDF format with printable resources. Students learn about Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Mark Antony, Brutus, and Cleopatra source

In Old Pompeii - A lesson plan that uses web-linked primary resources to teach students about the destruction of Pompeii. Students read two epistles of Pliny the Younger and derive information about the Roman Empire source

Latin Dictionary - In their study of Rome, students create Latin dictionaries and make connections between Latin and English languages source

Life in the Roman Empire - Three lesson plans about city life, Pompeii, and Christianity under Roman rule use lecture and student-centered activities source

Real Roman Recipes - Printable recipes for ancient Roman foods including honeyed wine, lucanian sausages, boiled eggs in pine nut sauce, garum fish sauce, seasoned mussels, pear patina, and sweet cheescake source

Roman Citizen - Students take on the role of Roman citizens as they address three main problems of the Roman Empire source

Roman Numerals Lesson Plan - Historical information and classroom activity ideas for teaching about the Roman number system source

Roman Roads - Pictures, information and lesson ideas about how Roman roads were constructed during ancient times source

Rome - Lesson ideas for math, science, and social studies. Students learn about Roman numerals, simulate one of Archimedes experiments, and write journal entries source

The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius - Students read Roman Pliny the Youngers first description of the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius and compare it to a secondary source description of the same event. All materials for this lesson are provided source

The Glory of Byzantium - Information about the history and art of Byzantium, the second capital city of the Roman Empire. Click on the teachers resource area for classroom activities and discussion questions source

The Justinian Code - Students practice interpreting primary sources by analyzing a section of Emperor Justinians code and working cooperatively to design a classroom code. A printable worksheet is provided source

The Romans - Information, links, and printable activities about the Ancient Romans in Britain. Printable worksheets teach students about soldiers armor, amphore, commerce, festicals, games, and more source

When in Rome, Do as the Romans - An instructional unit in PDF format with printable activities and resources. Students learn about the influence of the Roman Empire on history and the world today source

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