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Ancient Americas

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Aztec Folktales - Lesson plans, links, and literature about the Aztecs. Students create diamantes, design posters, and write persuasive letters in response to literature source

Calendar Count - A printable activity that guides students in writing their birthdates in Mayan Long Count source

Come on Over to Maya Place - An intercurricular unit using the Core Knowledge Sequence. Students learn about Mayan culture, geography, technology and more. Printable handouts including a blackline master of the Mayan heiroglyphs are provided source

Growing up in Meso-America - An instructional unit in PDF format. Students learn about the lives of the Inca, Aztec, and Maya through high-interest and hands-on activities source

Historical Text Archive: Non-european and Non-african New World - Links to Native Americans of Central and South America including Maya, Inca, and Aztec source

How to Write Your Name In Mayan Glyphs - Instructions for how to put together your own name glyph. Links to printable blackline glyphs (advanced interest) source

Inca Engineering - Students learn about Inca buidling techniques with a hands-on activity. Lesson also provides background information, and extension ideas source

Maya Adventure - Links, pictures, and activites about the ancient Mayans. Students learn about the cenotes of Chichen Itza, and solve a printable word search puzzle source

Mayan Culture - A thematic unit about the ancient Mayans. Students compare Mayan folktales, learn about Mayan math, play a game, design a food collage, and more source

Peoples of Mexico - The Maya - Students learn about Mayan glyphs through a cooperative learning lesson with printable activities source

Peoples of Mexico - The Maya - Information about the history of the Maya and printable activities regarding Mayan numbers and the Mayan calendar source

Retelling Inca History - A printable worksheet that guides students in using research skills in making a timeline of the history of the Incas source

The Civilization of the Incas - An online activity about the Inca culture. Students learn about Inca history, customs, mysteries, and accomplishments source

The Landbridge and the Early Americans - A thematic unit that teaches students sbout tribal migrations causes and effects. Printable graphic organizers and resources are provided source

Wheeler Dealer - A review game that ends in a simulation of Aztec trade source

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