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The Mayflower Pilgrims

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

Pilgrims - Activity ideas for teaching about the Pilgrims and the Plymouth settlement in 1620 source

A New Start - Students participate in a roll play activity analyzing the Mayflower Compact. Primary and secondary sources as well as activity pages are provided source

Life on Plymoth Plantation - Students explore Plymoth colonial life, answer questions, and write a series of letters through this web-based lesson plan with teacher notes source

Mayflower Supplies - A printable worksheet that asks students to research the supplies needed by the pilgrims source

Paper Bag Pilgrims - A craft activity with printable directions and templates source

Pilgrim Children Name Game - Students read clues to match the name of the pilgrim to the picture. This is a reproducible worksheet source

Pilgrim Hat - Directions for making a pilgrim hat with a paper plate, black paint, glue, tape, and construction paper source

Pilgrim Hat - A printable Pilgrim hat perfect for use as a shape book pattern source

Pilgrim Hat for Boys - A pattern and directions for making a pilgrim hat source

Pilgrim Hat for Girls - A pattern and directions for making a girls pilgrim hat source

Pilgrim Life Adventure - An instructional unit that can be completed online or off. Students explore their family trees, make a venn diagram comparing modern life and pilgrim life, design a vehicle to travel to the New World, and perform a play about living as a Pilgrim source

The Crossing of the Mayflower - Students use a blackline map to answer questions about the pilgrims journey on this printable worksheet source

The Mayflower Compact - Students understand the writers intent of the Mayflower Compact, and create their own class compacts source

The Mayflower Landed Here - Printable readings and a worksheet about the reasons the Pilgrims came to America, the Mayflower Compact, and early colonial government. This lesson is in PDF format source

The Mayflower Story: Up Close and Personal - Students work cooperatively to prepare a presentation, calculate the area of the Mayflower, and create a story about the people and events of the Mayflower voyage source

The Mayflower Web Pages - A rich collection of information about the Pilgrims and their journey to America on the Mayflower. Includes information about the passengers and crew, and original documents source

The Pilgrims & Plymouth Colony: 1620 - A vast collection of resources for the teacher looking for detailed information about the Mayflower pilgrims, their voyage and arrival to the New World, the relationship with the Wampanoag, and the effects of famine source

The Puritan Mind - A printable worksheet that uses primary sources to illustrate Puritan religious beliefs source

Voyage on the Mayflower - An online activity in which students explore the Mayflower and learn about daily life at sea in 1620. Click on teachers guide for lesson ideas, reproducibles, and links source

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