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Akbars Dilemma - A lesson plan with a printable reading about the role of religion in the lives of people living in ancient Mesopotamia source

Ancient Mesopotamia - A collection of information, pictures, links, and classroom activities for teaching about the geography, economy, and culture of Mesopotamia source

Ancient Mesopotamia - Information for students and teachers, vocabulary list, printable vocabulary worksheets, a study guide, quizzes, acyivity ideas, and assessment suggestions. Designed for seventh grade, but adaptable source

Ancient Mesopotamia - Click on resources for teachers to access vocabulary activities, background information, a study guide, and hands-on activities source

Babylonia - A map, brief article, classroom activity ideas, discussion questions, and web links for teaching about the ancient Babyolonian civilization source

Cuneiform Tablets - Students learn the five basic marks of written communication and create simulated cuneiform tablets source

Hammurabi and His Code - A printable short play about the Babylonian king and his law source

Hammurabis Code of Laws - Students examine some of Hammurabis laws and compare them to the laws we use today. Three printable resources are provided source

Mesopotamia Web Site Staff Room - Information,a ctivity ideas, and printable worksheets about the ancient Mesopotamian societies of Sumeria, Babylonia, and Assyria source

The Development of Cuneiform - A printable chart showing changes in this written language over time source

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