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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


2000 Footsteps in Time - Instructional information and multi-disciplinary units for teaching about California history. Topics include the millenium, missions, explorers, geography, and the Gold Rush source

A Sense of Time - A teachers guide and a short play about California history source

A Study of the Portola Expedition - Students take on the role of a member of the Spanish expedition team to learn about the history of California source

Activity and Project Ideas - Activity ideas for using outline maps in projcets. A printable PDF map of California is provided source

California: A Changing State - Resources and activities for teaching about Californias geography, history, and government source

California and the Sea - An instructional unit about the development of the state of California. Students learn about Californias Native Americans, explorers journeys, coastal geography, and San Francisco Bay through hands-on and printable activities that emphasize primary so source

California Heritage Collection - Lesson plans about California history. Topics include primary sources, independence from Mexico, Chinese Americans, the Great Depression, and immigration source

California History-Social Science Model Lesson Plans - Instructional units for grades K-8. Topics include national and state patriotic symbols, state history, the growth of America and more. Units can be viewed in http or PDF format source

California State Facts and Symbols - Classroom reproducibles about the state of California. This collection of printables includes a blackline map worksheet, flag worksheet, and coloring pages of state animals, plants, and fossils source

California State Map - A blackline map to print, color, and label source

California: The Golden State - Links to printable maps, facts, and activities about the state of California source

California Wordsearch - A printable puzzle in which students locate names of California cities source

Californio to America: A Study in Cultural Change - A lesson plan that uses printable primary source documents to analyze the changes to an adobe ranch house over several centuries source

How Big Where Their Footprints? - An instructional unit about the history of Loma Linda, California from ancient times to the present. Click on Teacher lesson plans for online and offline activities source

John Muir Day Study Guide - Lesson plans by grade level for celebrating John Muir Day on April 21. Students learn about the California hero and his conservation efforts. You can also download complete guides with teacher and student pages source

Learn California Lesson Plans - Four lesson plans with printable resources and activities teach students about Californias regions, state seal, transcontinental railroad development, and history through primary source documents source

Locke and Walnut Grove: Havens for Early Asian Immigrants in California - A lesson plan with printable readings and maps in addition to extension activities about the experiences of Chinese and Japanese immigrants in late 19th century and early 20th century America source

Oh, California - Lesson plans, literature activity ideas, teacher suggested activities, lesson outlines and parents notes to support Houghton Mifflin Social Studies series. Activities can be used with or without the Houghton Mifflin text source

Rancho San Pedro: Life on a Rancho - Students learn about early California from the Spanish period, Mexican period, gold rush, and post cold rush eras. Student activities and a teachers guide are provided source

Santa Barbara Trail - Students learn about the geography of California through an online virtual trail. Click on Teachers Trail Head for a teachers guide source

The Frankish Building - In this lesson from Ontario, California, students learn about a historical building in their community, identify what makes something historically significant, and consider how their own community has grown and changed source

The Legend of El Capitan - A printable script for a Native American legend of the Miwok people of California source

The Seacoast of California - Students create a illustrated poster of geographic terms describing the California sea coast, and build models of a coast line. This lesson is adaptable for studies of other coastal regions source

The Story of Ishi - Through printable readings and student activity pages, students learn about the life of an early Californian source

The Story of Juniper Serra - Through a printable story and activity page students learn about the life of a Franscican monk in early California source

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