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Social Studies : History : United States : Civil War :
Slavery & Abolitionist Movement

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


Africans in America - A unit covering slavery, the Revoltionary War, African-American leadership, and the Compromise of 1850. Designed for use with PBS programming, but adaptable source

Educators Guide to Follow the Drinking Gourd - Background information and the words to the song that helped runaway slaves use the stars to guide them to safety source

Escape to Freedom - An online story with a teachers guide. Students travel back in time to mid-19th century America to learn about slavery source

Excerpts from Slave Narratives - Short biographies of slaves from colonial times through Emancipation source

Fugitive from Labor - Students compare primary source documents regarding two court cases involving "runaway slaves" source

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad - A collection of activities from Mrs. Tavernas second grade class including a student-illustrated timeline, online quiz, and puzzles source

Harriet Tubman Print-Out - A printable picture to color with information and comprehension questions source

Harriet Tubman & The Underground Railroad - A website by Mrs. Tavernas second grade class on Harriet Tubman. Includes a timeline, character sketches, and a quiz source

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - An excerpt from a dramitization of the words of Harriet Ann Jacobs on slavery. Full text available free on request source

Iron-Hill School: An African-American One Room School - A lesson with activity ideas and printable resources for teaching about the Delaware school system for African-American students in the early twentieth century source

Just the Arti-facts: Slavery - Informational articles with pictures of historial artifacts relating to slave labor, slave trade, rebellion, and the anti-slavery movement. Click on classroom resources at the bottom of each topic for teaching ideas source

Slavery and Runaway Slaves in Colonial America (1769) - A lesson plan for using primary sources to understand slavery. Students read escaped slave advertisements from the Savannah Georgia Gazette source

The Amistad Comes to Life - An article containing activity ideas and web links for teaching about the revolt on the Amistad source

The Historians Sources - Students learn about slavery through original documents in this lesson that focuses on primary sources source

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