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China Unit Activities - Teaching world cultures can be a lot of fun. Here are some activities to use to enhance your unit of study on China. source

All About China - Information, printable outline maps, and a blackline flag to color source

China - A thematic unit that emphasizes language arts skills. Students explore the culture, geography and history of China through literature, hands-on activities, and printable worksheets source

China: An Ancient County in a Modern World - Integrated lesson ideas for teaching about Chinas geography, history, and culture. Students work cooperatively to explore Chinese inventions, then study a map of China, make an abacus, and more source

China Fair - An instructional unit about the Shang dynasty and ancient China. Students conduct research about a Chinese invention. Printable activity pages and research organizers are provided source

China Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

China Map - A printable, blackline map of China, its provinces, and its neighboring countries source

China: People and Places - Lesson plans with vocabulary, questions, and activity ideas for teaching about China. Students learn about The Forbidden City, Chinese writing, and young athletes. Designed for use with Discovery Channel programs, but adaptable source

China Theme Unit - Dozens of printable activity pages for learning about China and the Chinese New Year. Reproducible writing activities, research forms, maps, puzzles, and craft patterns are provided source

China Unit - Printable activity pages to teach students about the Chinese New Year, and the country of China. Printable writing activities are also provided source

Chinatown Online Teachers Resources - A collection of activity ideas for learning about Chinese culture. Find lessons and printables for celebrating the Chinese New Year, counting in Cantonese, and exploring culture source

Chinese Dragon - Students use a paper bag to create a dragon source

Chinese Lantern - Directions for using a computer to create a Chinese paper lantern source

Dim Sum: A Connection to Chinese-American Culture - A large collection of interdisciplinary lessons about Chinese culture. Activities include information and reproducibles about dozens of topics source

Dragon Puppet - A printable dragon head, and directions for making a colorful dragon puppet source

Jennys Week in Taipei - A lesson plan with a reproducible handout. Students learn about life in Taiwan by reading the diary of a young girl source

More Soldiers in the Terra Cotta Army - A printable article (also available in Spanish) about the Terra Cotta soldiers of the Qin dynasty in China. The article provides questions, pictures, and an art connection source

Tangram Puzzle - A reproducible Chinese tangram puzzle with directions and printable puzzle cards source

The Magic Brocade: A Tale of China - A printable readers theater script about the joys of creativity. Students participate in retelling this Chinese folktale source

What the Tao Te Ching Says About Leaders - Students read and analyze parts of the Tao Te Ching to understand the Daoist perspective on what makes a good leader. A printable worksheet about this Chinese philosophy is provided source

When China was Ruled by Outsiders: Genghis Khan and Kubilai Khan - An integrated unit about these notorios Mongol rulers. Students learn about the Khan dynasty and the effects of changing bordrs on their reign. Printable maps and activities are included source

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