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Canadian Connection Are you Canadian? Here is the board for teachers who teach north of the 49th parallel. Join us! source


Aboriginal Peoples of the Canadian North - Information and lesson plans about the Inuit, Cree, and Nunavut cultures. Students learn about folk tals, changing environmnet, medicine wheels, and more source

Amazing Time Machine - The British Columbia Archives has created eleven time machine units exploring Canadas history using primary sources. Click on Teachers Corner for classroom activities. Topics include families, communities, first nations, the Cariboo Gold Rush, and muticulturalism source

Canada - A printable map, shape book pattern and printable puzzles about Canada source

Canada - A printable blackline map of Canada source

Canada, A Land Rich in Beauty and Culture - An integrated unit using the Core Knowledge Students. Students play the "Where am I?" Game, resarch a province, and more source

Canada Day Coloring Pages - Printable picture of Canadas coat of arms, a maple leaf, map, mounties, animals, flag, and more source

Canada is... - A cooperative-learning research unit with printable worksheets about Canada. Designed for use by Canadian students, but adaptable source

Canada Lessons - Four lesson plans about Canada include making a poster, planning an expedition, learning about provinces, and calculating mileage source

Canada Map Quiz - A printable worksheet with a blackline map of Canada and questions source

Canada Maps - Printable blackline maps of Canadian territories and provinces source

Canada Theme Unit - Printable activities, projects, and crafts about Canada. Students make a Canada quilt, color pictures, make a map, and more source

Canadas First Nations and Metis Curriculum Units - Five thematic units about Canadas indiginous people. Units cover treaties, traditional games,fur trade, the Northwest Rebellion, and First Nations past and present source

Canadas Flag - A printable worksheet with a blackline Canadian flag to color and comprehension questions to answer source

Canadian History - Several instruction units about Canadian history. Topics include New France, the Confederation, the Development of Western Canada and more. This unit is designed for middle school students, but is adaptable to upper elementary source

Kidzone Geography - Information and printable worksheets about Canadian provinces source

Learning About Community - Students learn about communities as they read Paul Fleishmans Seedfolks. Students understand the components of community, create a community poster, and more. Geared for students in Humboldt County, Canada, but adaptable to other regions source

New France - An instructional unit with printable activities and primary resources about the roots and culture of New France during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Designed for middle school students, but adaptable source

Saskatchewan Industries and Resources - An instructional unit with printable activities and charts for teaching about mining, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry, and fishing in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan source

Sir John A. Macdonald - A lesson plan with printable worksheets about Canadas first Prime Minister source

Statistics Canada Lesson Plans - Instructional units with printable activities from Canadas census. Topics include Canadas aboriginal population, immigration, lingusitic diversity, and more source

The Hidden One - A printable readers theater script based on a Micmac legend from Canada source

The New Nunavut - A printable article with maps, pictures, and discussion questions about Canadas newest territory source

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