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The Holocaust

A Teachers Guide to the Holocaust - Primary source documents, maps, virtual reality movies, play scripts, bibliographies, articles and more about teaching the Holocaust source

Anne Frank House - Take a virtual tour of the house in Amsterdam where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II source

Anne Frank Online - A short biography of Anne Frank and information about the Anne Frank Center USA source

Anne Frank - The Attic - Seven lesson plans for intermediate and middle school students. Classes learn about the intolerance of the Nazi movement and the effect of the Holocaust source

Holocaust - Five lessons for teaching about the Holocaust through integration of language arts and social studies source

Holocaust Photographs and Drawings - This activity presents students with pictures of the Holocaust. It asks them to put themselves into the shoes of the individuals pictured source

Nuremberg Law - Student read a printable version of the Nuremburg Law then answer questions about how the law discriminates against Jews source

Rescued from the Holocaust - A short printable play about American Varian Fry who saved hundreds of French Jews during Hitlers reign. Scroll to the bottom for lesson plan source

Teaching the Holocaust - A collection of teacher-made lesson plans about the Holocaust. Topics include creating a timeline, penning a Holocaust dictionary, reading survivors stories and more source

Teaching the Holocaust Grades 4-12 - An instructional unit that integrates social studies with literature. Includes lessons, a timeline, links, vocabulary, and book report suggestions source

The Holocaust: A Guide for Teachers - A complete curriculum about the Holocaust geared to secondary students, but adpatable to upper elementary. Topics inlcude prejudice, Jews, ant-semitism, Hitler, fascism, the war, the resistance, and the aftermath source

Truman and the Holocaust - Three classrom activities about the effects of the Holocaust during the times of the Truman administration. Students examine a political cartoon about Nazi looting, and learn from primary source documents about the prosecution of Nazi war criminals source

We Remember Anne Frank - From Scholastic. Meet people who new Anne Frank, and view excerpts from her diary. Includes teachers guide source

We Remember the Holocaust - An integrated unit with lesson plans for teaching about the Holocaust. Students create artwork and a "We Remember" notebook source

Writing About the Holocaust - Through literature and printable worksheets, students learn about the lives of children during the Holocaust. Topics include concentration camps, narrative writing, poetry, and more source

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