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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

Elections - Here are some activities to teach students about elections. source

Electing a President - A lesson plan for a cooperative activity in which students brainstorm qualities they would look for in a president, then create a mobile using these qualities source

Electing the President - A collection of classroom activity ideas for teaching about the election process, voting, the campaign trail, presidential inaugurations, and the candidates source

Election Classroom Activities - A collection of lesson ideas and online activities for teaching about elections, the election process, the electoral college, voting, and more source

Election Day: Ten More Classroom Activities - Lesson plans about editorial cartoons, campaigns, presidential eligibility, and more source

Elections - Students read a printable worksheet about elections and answer comprehension questions source

Elections and Voting - From PBS, high interest lessons that introduce students to math applications in elections including the Borda Count Method, plurality voting, pairwise comparisons, and approval voting source

Elections USA - Printable activities for learning about elections. Students make a voting booth, write a speech, complete a crossword, and more source

More than Mock Elections - An instructional method geared to intermediate students that uses a storypath strategy to teach about the election process source

PBS Democracy Project - Online activities and related lesson plans from PBS including topics "how does government affect me" and "inside the voting booth" source

Scrooge for Mayor - This adaptable unit intended for 7th grade students begins with the fun idea that Scrooge is running for elected office. Working in teams, students devise an effective campaign strategy. Includes rubrics for grading students campaign posters, brochures, articles, and PowerPoint presentations source

Steps in Selecting a President - A lesson plan with a printable flowchart that teaches how a president is selected source

The Elections and Citizenship: Your Complete Guide - Five resources for teaching students about elections and citizenship. Students use Scotlands storypath method to follow and election, learn about the terms of civics, and more source

The Presidential Campaign - A printable reading comprehension worksheet that emphasizes authors point of view regarding the 2000 election source

Use Childrens Literature to Teach about Elections - A list of ten great read aloud books to learn about elections source

Voting Chain - A lesson plan in PDF format. Students learn to vote, tally, and implement voting by making a paper chain source

Winning the Vote: How Americans Elect Their President - Three lesson plans and background information from the Smithsonians Art to Zoo magazine. Students learn about presidential powers, political parties, and campaigning source

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