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Multiplication & Division

Teaching Grades 4-6 Join us for a friendly exchange of ideas! Teachers in grades 4-6 are encouraged to listen in and get involved! Meet fellow teachers from across the country in our five intermediate and middle grade forums! Free! source

Math, Science, & Technology Trying to create a meaningful math or science experience? Need a more effective teaching strategy? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making math and science instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

Multiplication Facts - Use these strategies to help your students memorize their multiplication facts. source

Long Division - Several methods to teach Long Division source

Division - I am in the middle of teaching my third graders division and I finallly found something that works. I drew pictures on a pieces of paper (trees, bags, cookies, etc.) I give each group of students 10 cut outs with whatever theme i am using. I also give them a...source

flash cards - My students make their own set of flashcards on index cards. I will introduce each level every one or two days. The students practice these each evening with their parents. I also give them hints on how to remember certain fact. The students a few years ago made up a rhyme that went like this,...source

Introducing Multiplication - I really like the simple and yet creative approaches of Marilyn Burns. All the lessons are based on investigative activities, which help the students make connections and formulate patterns. You might want to see if your school has any of her books. Ive gotten a lot of use from her book, which has an excellent chapter on introducing mulitiplication. One activity that might interest you...source

Math Baseball - One game the kids also love that works if you have a large area available to you is "Math Baseball" where you have everyone line up in a horizontal row. Then designate places for first, second, and third base. Have two students stand at "home base." One is the catcher, the other the batter. The pitcher (teacher) gives a flash card and the child who says it quickest moves to first base and another child moves up in line. Tie always goes to the "catcher"...source

multiplication facts - I start with the hardest while motivation is high after I give them a 1s and 0s quiz- which they love as they all know the rules to this one before we even begin to discuss multiplication. The 6s are good becaue they also cover may of the other ...source

Multiplication facts - We do Saxon and starting with the 7s is a good idea, I think. My whole class (3 and 4) have those completely mastered. The way this series teaches the "sevens" is through days in a week (How many days in 5 weeks? etc.) One way my class learned these was by singing the multiples to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" It goes like this: Seven, fourteen...source

Multiplication Families - I started out getting the kids to think of multiplication as a way of grouping- i.e. I would choose 3 children to come to the front of the class, I would ask the class, "How many students are in front of the class?" They would answer 3. "How many ears does each...source

Multiplication songs - We made up our own songs for skip counting. We found the recorded ones were not just what we were looking for. Kids love making up their own because of the ownership thing, I think they buy into singing (and therefore learning the facts) the songs faster...source

Calculator Pattern Puzzles - Using a calculator, students explore the patterns and relationships of multiples source

Daves Math Tables: Multiplication Table - A multiplication table and some links to extra tips source

Drop the Die on the Donkey - A game with printable directions and game board that helps students practice multiplication. Game can be adapted for addition practice source

Marmalade Mans fantastic Math Tips - A collection of multiplication tricks to improve mantal math skills source

Math Shortcuts - Students use "short division" prior to being introduced to the long division form source

Multiplication - A printable math worksheet. Students solve one-digit multiplication problems, then color correpsonding squares to make a picture of a rabbit coming out of a hat source

Multiplication Bingo - A simple classroom game to reinforce learning of multiplication facts source

Multiplication Squares - Students construct a visual image of any number 1-10 multiplied by itself using graph paper and colored pencils source

Picture Multiplication - A lesson plan that describes a multiplication activity. Students cut pictures out of magazines to make multiplication sets source

Prime and Composite Numbers - A lesson plan for a hands-on activity that can be used to teach students to determine of a number is prime or composite source

Skip Counting - Describes skip counting as a precursor to learning multiplication source

The Facts, Gimme Just the Facts - Ideas for helping students systematically learn basic multiplication facts source

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