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Earth Day - A collection of Earth Day ideas and activities. source

Environment Books - I also drew a blank at first. Even the stuff I came up with isnt the greatest. But, here goes. Maybe it will touch off some ideas in you or someone else on the boards:

Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Lesson: What do real caterpillars eat? Students view real caterpillars eating either in their classroom or on video and document what they ate. They can record their findings on a graph that lists all the items the very hungry caterpillar ate through. Students should become aware that caterpillars will actually only eat leaves.

Book: Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
Lesson: Students discuss how Maryann was recycled and compare that to...source

Air Junk - Have your students make simple airborne junk detectors. Includes printable pattern for junk detector and a bit of related information source

Air Quality Lessons - A collection of lesson plans about air quality and air pollution including acid rain and ozone source

America Recycles Day - Information about America Recycles Day, November 15. Links to downloadable guide source

Celebrating Earth Day With Students - Focus attention on the environment and stimulate student creativity and imagination by choosing from these suggested activities source

Earth Day, Everyday Teachers Lounge - Observe Earth Day (April 22) using grade specific lessons and activities, coloring book, environmental timeline, founders message, and more from The Wilderness Society source

Earth Day Groceries Project - In April , join hundreds of schools decorating thousands of grocery bags to celebrate Earth Day source

Ecolinks - Environmental information and activities from the Miami Museum of Science. Topics include Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, and Geosphere source

EE-Link - Links to environmental education resources on the Internet for grades k-12 source

Eliminate Microorganisms from Water - Demonstrate how chlorine protects public health by removing microscopic life from a water culture created using water and hay or dry grass source

Environment - Students receive an overview of the worlds environmental dilemmas and discuss the global implications of their actions with this integrated unit source

EPAs Environmental Education Center - Environmental education curriculum resources and activities. Background information on environmental issues, and links to related web sites source

Exploring the Environment Through Quadrat Studies - Participants examine a small square of their environment and classify specimens. Worksheets are used to compare and contrast speciments with a neighboring environment source

For the Love of Our Earth - Unit allows kindergarten students to study ways to keep their environment clean and preserve our natural resources (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Friendship Mobiles - (PRIMARY) Children construct mobiles to gain an appreciation of different elements of the natural world source

Make Your Own Paper - Children recycle egg cartions with this lesson on making paper source

My Health My World - A web site for children exploring the relationship between environment and health. Includes simple hands-on activity ideas source

Nature Calendar - Children construct calendars with a theme from nature source

PlanetPals Recycle Kits - Four PlanetPals Recycle activity pages to print out (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

PlanetPals Teacher and Parent Page - Page helps teachers teach about the universe, its natural resources, and its issues. Information, lesson plan ideas, planet facts, food chain, Earth Day projects and source

Protect Our Planet - A curriculum unit for upper elementary grades to promote environmental awareness source

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Young students study principles of recycling with this science/Language Arts integration unit. Activities include worm composting and making paper source

Rethinking Recycling - Waste Reduction Curriculum for grades K-12 contains lessons and activities designed to make students aware of waste issues, to understand waste management options, and source

TNRCC Environmental Lessons - Collection of air, water and waste lessons and games produced by environmental education graduate students at Texas A & M University source

To Recycle or Not to Recycle - Groups of students gather information pertaining to advantages/disagvantages of a recycling program, draw conclusions, and make presentations source

Water - Twelve to sixteen week environmental activities unit designed for Grade 3 students. Activities adapted from natural resource programs source

Worm Bin Project - Students learn about decomposition of waste and the life cycle by creating and maintaining "worm bins" source

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