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Penguin Crafts - Craft ideas to use with your Penguin Unit. source

A Variety of Bird Feeders - Directions for making five simple bird feeders using readily available materials. Use plastic bottles, milk cartons, pine cones, peanut butter, potato chip cans, and source

All About Birds - Detailed information about bird anatomy. Includes over a dozen related classroom activities source

All About Birds - Resource contains easy to complex information on birds from Enchanted Learning. Read about bird evolution, habitat requirements, feeding habits, adaptations, and more source

BIGPIC Birds to Color - Link to information page and picture to color on several birds. Sparrow, meadowlark, warblers, cardinal, starling, bluebird, waxwings, chickadee, hummingbird, and Robin source

Birds Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the subject of birds source

Dissecting Owl Pellets - Students dissect owl pellets to determine the diet preferences of owls and to further understand food chains, bone structure and identification source

Ducks - Integrated thematic unit allows students to explore and learn about the habitats, diets, and attributes of various species of ducks source

Endangered North American Birds - Integrated thematic unit allows students to explore endangered species of birds and expand their knowledge of preservation and basic facts about endangered birds source

Feathered Feeders - Students investigate bird beaks and their shapes/functions by classifying bird beaks and making inferences about the possible food choices of different birds source

Forest Jewels of Hawaii Coloring Book - Information and pictures of several birds native to Hawaii to color. Some are endangered source

Mississippi River Project: Flyways - Inquiry lesson encourages students to identify, research, observe, collect and evaluate data about migrating birds that follow the upper Mississippi corridor (Grades 6-8) source

Moving Day - Students examine why some birds migrate, describe the complex processes involved, and identify several hazards encountered during migration with this integrated lesson source

Owls - Third grade students learn about Owls with this thematic unit. Includes ESL standards source

Penguin Thematic Unit - Students will explore penguins, expanding their knowledge to include behavior, habitat, communication, diet, eating habits and conservation with this integrated thematic unit source

Penguins - Young students compare and classify specific Penguin habitats, write an original poem, and present it to their class with this webquest source

Perfectly Penguins - Students learn about five different kinds of penguins, their habitats, diets, and special features with this webquest for young students source

Pete & Barbs Penguin Pages - Approximately 150 pages of information, pictures, maps, and links on the topic of penguins. Educators link provides suggestions by age levels source

Soarin Hawk Lesson Plans - Raptor information, species profiles, and lesson plans. Lessons on American Kestrel, Red-tailed Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk, Broad-winged Hawk, and the Barred Owl source

Spotted Owl Unit - Grade 3 unit on spotted owl includes language arts writing activity, nature walks, and owl pellet skeleton identification lesson source

The Albatross Project - An ongoing research project which tracks, gathers data, and draws conclusions about the albatross. Links to lessons and games on bird adaptations, anatomy, polution and more source

What Makes a Bird a Bird? - Students identify characteristics of birds after completing hand-on activities. Activities include dissecting a cooked chicken egg and examining feathers on the overhead projector source

Wild About Birds: A Guide to Illinois Birding - Lesson plans and student pages presenting basic information about birds source

ZoomSchool Bird Printouts - Informational coloring sheets for over 45 birds. Find the cardinal, robin, sparrow, pelican, woodpecker, eagle, owl, hummingbird, parrot, penguin, oriole, Arctic tern and source

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