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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

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Plants - Lesson and activity ideas for a unit on plants source

Photosynthesis - Teaching the concept of photosynthesis can be difficult. Here are some activities teachers have used to make it a little easier to understand. source

Birdseed Plants - A cute idea I tried in my class this year that the kids LOVED was to make BIRDSEED PLANTS. And, yes, it actually grows! I bought a bag of ...source

cups of dirt - I have used several different kinds of seeds. I like large lima beans best because they are easy for the kids to handle, they sprout fast and grow impressive looking plants...source

fast-growing seeds - rye grass seeds grow very quickly- 3-5 days. put sand or pea gravel in the bottom of a plastic cup for drainage, add potting soil to within an inch of the top...source

Garden Theme - Ive been thinking of your theme...went to terrific nursery...can get awesome decor there...why not real things rather than bulletin boardsets...watering cans are adorable...etc.Wind chimes, socks,flags, fountains...reading corner-turf mat(grass),picket fence,garden bench,clay pots for days...bird houses too...


Growing a Garden of Literacy - This board is a huge wall mural. It was displayed during an integrated Garden unit. I used white bulletin board paper on top and brown on the bottom. I sponged blue on top for the sky and stuffed white 3-D paper clouds. I also wrote painted two cute "garden" sayings on either end of the display.It shows student work as follows, with a seed packet title beside each set of vegetables. Carrots: Students wrote the beginning, middle, and end of their SSR books. Lettuce Write Paragraphs...source

plants - Heres just one fun activity for fourth graders. Plants will seek out light even if they have to run an obstacle course. Have your students prepare a box with dividers like a maze...source

plants - My Early Childhood classroom is going to spend a week on plants, too. Were going to discuss the various parts of a plant and what their job is. As part of our "art project" were going to make a flower headband, leaves to hold in our hands, & "roots" to put on our feet. Then were going to dance "the Plant Hokey Pokey". Were also making up a...source

Pollutants & Plants - We finished our plants unit two weeks ago. One of the overall themes was how pollution affected plant life. We did an experiment in which I purchased 10 identical plants. Each of the 5 science groups was in charge of a plant A and a plant B...source

seeds - I just finished my pumpkin unit and sprouted pumpkin seeds in sandwich size zip-locs. Simply toss in two cotton balls, moisten them, and drop in several seeds...source

A Demonstration of Photosynthesis and Transpiration - Yongsters examine seedlings under various lighting and moisture conditions to observe and write about photosynthesis and transpiration source

A Short Peanut History - A brief historical essay on the peanut from the Incas to modern times. Click on source for more information about peanuts (advanced reading) source

Adopt A Tree - Grade K-4 students list characteristics of trees, identify tree parts and their basic functions, and describe how trees grow by adopting a tree and observing it over time, recognize products we get from trees and the environmental importance of trees source

AskERIC Lessons: Agriculture - Several agriculture lesson plans written by teachers or student teachers for grades K-12 source

Color Garden - The many different colors of flowers are described through a fun and interactive activity source

Do Plants Need Sunlight? - A lesson plan that emphasizes the need for sunlight of plants through various procedures and activities source

Fingerpaint Leaf Prints - Young children observe different shapes, sizes, and vein patterns of leaves as they make fingerpaint leaf prints for a fall class mural source

Flower Theme - Flower rhymes, crafts, quiz, illustrated plant dictionary, flowers as state symbols, and a flower anatomy printout from Enchanted Learning source

Flowering Plants Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the topic of different flowering plants source

From Seed to Plant - (PRIMARY) Lesson ideas for a unit on plants and seeds source

Have Seeds, Will Travel - Students become aware of how and why various seeds are dispersed in their local area through hands-on activities source

How Plants Grow: What do Living Things Need to Survive - Project allows sixth graders to design and construct an ecosystem and experiment with seed germination, plant growth, photosynthesis, respiration and more source

Kids for Trees - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources provides Teachers Guide with eleven lessons and a glossary on trees source

KidsGardening - Use gardening to cultivate an interest in living things, to explore life science concepts, and to build confident investigators and problem solvers source

Lets Make a Garden Webquest - Youngsters create a plant research book after learning about the parts of a plant, what a plant needs to grow and live, and singing a song about the life of a plant source

Museums in the Classroom Pumpkin Project - Pumpkin Project includes lessons, hands-on activities, worksheets, resources, extension ideas, connections to standards, and integration ideas source

My Tree Book - Young students "adopt" a tree and compile a "My Tree Book" at years end consisting of rubbings, monthly descriptions of the tree , research and creative writing results source

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery - Growing collection of plant images useful for identification of grasses, trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers source

Peanuts Educational Materials - Free educational materials available (by mail). Lesson ideas and activities, activity sheets for duplication and coloring books to present information about peanuts source

Plant Clip Art - Large collection of plant clip art images. Subcategories include botany, cactus, crops, ferns, flowers, fruits, fungi, herbs, trees, vegetables, wild flowers and more source

Plant Sleuth - Students learn about the parts of a plant and how plants live and grow with this webquest (Grades 3-5) source

Plants - Thematic unit includes ten lessons on plants, plant parts, seeds, trees, plant needs, flowers, grouping plants, how plants are used, terrariums and more source

Plants and Our Environment - Students learn about the plant kingdom with this ThinkQuest Junior Site. Study plant parts, growth, pollination, germination, monocots, and more (Activity page included) source

Plants Thematic Unit - Young children learn that plants are living things with specific needs, characteristics and uses with this integrated thematic unit source

Pumpkin Exploration - Groups of students combine mathematical procedures and scientific observation while examining three pumpkins source

Pumpkin Homework - Kindergarten children and their parents measure the circumference of a pumpkin source

Terrific Trees - Young students observe native trees while developing skills in comparing and grouping. They identify/label major parts of a tree, complete bark rubbings, leaf rubbings and more source

Why do Leaves Change Color? - A short article describing how plants prepare for winter, and what causes the beautiful colors we see in fall. Includes chromatography activity source

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