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Earths Layers dessert - I teach all subjects, but I love science and plan to implement these ideas!! I love hands-on activities. Something I did as a volunteer for my sons class was to have them make individual desserts showing the earths layers. I used different textures of...source

Crumple Your Own Watershed - Students use paper, cardstock, markers, and water to gain a knowledge of the physical aspects of a watershed with this activity for grades 2-8. (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Excavating Your Recycling Bin as a Fossil Record - Upper elementary students simulate how scientists study thepast using layers of rock by excavating layers of paper collected from the schools trash with this AskERIC lesson source

Geology & Earth Science - The ultimate guide for the geology lover, including amazing facts, pictures, and current topics source

Geology Lesson Plans - An archive of geology lesson plans that include activities on fossils and rocks at the elementary level source

Geology Lesson Plans - Several geology lesson plans designed to encourage students to sort, observe, compare, classify and make inferences. Links to electronic field trips at the Glacier National Park source

Ice Paper Model - Print, color, and assemble a paper model illustrating the effects of ice on a mountain valley source

Inside the Earth - Printible labeled drawing of the Earth and its layers source

Karst Topography - Students build a model mountain using sugar and egg whites and observe effects of rain on Karst topography. Simulates the formation of caves, underground springs, and sink holes source

Rock and Roll - Unit contains lessons and activities for the study of volcanoes, layers of the earth, earthquakes, mountain building, Earths surface changes, rocks and more (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Rocks, Fossils, and the Earth - Series of geology experiments designed for fourth grade students. Links to teachers notes, materials, and references source

The Earth Bowl - By using a variety of junkfood and sweets, a teacher comes up with an activity that describes the earth and its geology source

This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics - Online edition of 1996 publication introduces the theory of plate tectonics. Adult resource includes information, history, diagrams, photographs, and illustrations source

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