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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

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decorating science room - On one wall you will probably want to post your safety/lab rules. (this is a lab, right?) You may also want to make a display about the scientific method. Last year I printed off several famous scientists photos and made word bubbles coming out their mouths with ...source

Fifth Grade Science Activities - I have been teaching fifth grade science for eight years. These are some of my favorite activities:

Force and Motion:
Rockets - NASA has an excellent pamphlet titled "Rockets" with lots of actities in it.
Mousetrap cars/reaction cars

Make a model cell out of jello as cytoplasm with candies and fruits as structures in the cell.

Solar System:
Make a model solar system. There are versions that use a ...source

Carolina K6 Science Activities - Four sample activities from the Carolina K6 Science activities page. Titles include Kaleidoscope activity, Bird Business, Wildlife of the Alligator River and source

Cookie Jar Science - Several teacher created science activities. Topics include shadows, spider web story, drawing conclusions, bubbles, Olympic sports, burning dollar bill, scientific method, and source

Do Science - Growing list of science experiments and activities adaptable for school. Topics include Restaurant Science, Earth Science, Home Science, and more source

Edible/Inedible Experiments - A small collection of interesting experiments (not all are elementary level and/or classroom appropriate) Click on source for more interesting things source

Energy Science Projects - A diverse list of simple science experiments that teach students about science concepts source

Floating and Sinking Integration Ideas and Activities - Collection of twelve hands-on extension experiments and activities to explore water density, surface tension, cohesion, polarity and more source

Franklin Institute Online Science Activities - Classroom activities on topics of bioscience, energy, communications, computers, earth and physical sciences, math, oceanography, space and transportation source

Fun with Food - Several experiments using food. Titles include Peeling a Raw Egg, Turn Milk into Plastic, Red Cabbage Indicator, Lemon Battery, Salad Dressing, Making Butter, and Lemon Fizz source

Helping Your Child Learn Science - Hands-on science activities, information, and suggestions. Make static electricity, slime, bubbles, grow mold and crystals, introduce volume and measurement, and more source

Ideas for Simple Experiments - A list of over twenty ideas for simple experiments appropriate for the elementary classroom source

Kinetic City Hands-On Experiments - An ecosystem in a bottle, pollen catcher, geyser, water clock, paper making, erosion and sound vibrations are a few of the topics in this collection of experiments source

Science Experiment Collection - Collection of science experiments for grades K-12. Topics include keeping warm, shadows, spider webs, disease, bubbles, collapsing cans, eggs, unknown powders, and more source

Science Snacks (The Exploratorium) - A collection of hands-on science demonstrations and experiments from The Exploratorium, San Francisco source

The Science Explorer - Online activities taken from a book published by The Exploratorium which can be completed at home or school source

Yes Mag Projects - Several activities to make science fun. Make a Paper Airplane, Crystals, Lightning, Tornado Vortex, Rocket, Stereoscope Viewer, Balloon Rockets, and more source

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