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Rainforest Theme - Ideas for a rainforest unit or classroom theme source

rainforest theme - I used the rainforest theme last year, and had the students bring in rain forest stuffed animals, and asked the parents to let us borrow ...source

Rainforest Theme Ideas - Hang vines (brown paper rolled up) all around your room with giant green paper leaves on them. Get a couple of stuffed or paper monkeys to hang around. Classroom Jobs: "Hopping in to help out!" With little frogs with students names and leaves with jobs on them. Classroom Events Timeline: Call it the "Swing of Things" and put a little monkey for the graphic. OR "Hopping Through the Year" with a little frog...source

Amazon Rainforest - First graders are introducted to the rainforest, its layers, terminology, animals, foods, and environmental importance. Includes mini rainforest in a bottle project source

Animals of the Rainforest - Students research animals, sounds, and ways to protect rainforests with this student compiled webquest source

Hide and Seek in the Rainforest Webquest - Young students research an animal of the rainforest and create a "Who Am I?" riddle source

Making Rain Forest Items - Children use clay, grocery bags, twine and other simple items to make Poison Arrow Frogs, vines, leaves, and nests with this craft project source

Plant Life in the Rainforest - Third grade students study the plant life at each level of the rainforest, make a miniature living rainforest in an aquarium, recognize the parts of a plant, and much more source

Rain Bird Rain Forest Curriculum - Teach aspects of the Earths endangered rain forests with activity topics: Identify plant parts, make a polymer, light reflection, plants as dye sources, make rain and more source

Rain Forest Products - Hands-on activity allows sixth grade students to examine samples of products from the rain forest and write an advertisement for the rain forest and its products source

Rain Forest Theme Page - Information on rain forest animals, forest layers, plants, birds, patterns, bulletin board suggestion, word search and more on rain forest theme source

Rain Forests and Planet Ecology - Through the use of literature and related activities, students will expand their knowledge of rain forests and planet ecology with this integrated thematic unit source

Rainforest Activity Ideas - Classroom activities and ideas to teach rainforests and environmental conservation to students source

The Amazon - Lessons and activities focus on the Amazon Rain Forest. Integrates language arts, social science, art, and technology source

Tropical Coloring Book - Thirteen pictures to print and color of rainforest birds from the Rainforest Alliance source

Tropical Rainforest Cluster - Tropical Rainforest Cluster includes activities, information, and images from the Science Museum of Minnesota source

Tropical Treasure Hunt - Students work in groups of four to research questions about the tropical rain forest using bookmarked Internet sites (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Zoom Rainforests - Article on rainforests includes links to general information, strata, locations, people, animals and printable animal pictures source

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