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Cell Biology

Cells - Fun hands-on activities to use when teaching about plant and animal cells. source

Science Project with Cells - I am doing a science project tommorrow involving cells. You take two eggs, put them in a cup with a mixture of light corn syrup and vinegar and leave them over night. I guess the next day when the kids peel off the shell, the egg should be...source

Cells - Students use the Internet to answer questions about cells with this Scavenger Hunt (Grades 5-8) source

Cells Alive! - Microscopic photos and 3D animated movies provide a facinating look at cells, viruses and bacteria. (Advanced Reference) source

Making Three Dimensional Plant and Animal Cells - Hands-on activity gives students an understanding of 3-Dcharacteristics of cells and reinforces their knowledge of plant and animal cell structure source

The Cell Navigator - Model of a cell with glossary of terms and links to other related web sites source

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