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A Proper Propeller - Students make a propeller using a large plastic lid and explore the action of airplane propellers with this activity from The Franklin Institute Online source

An Uplifting Experience - Students use paper airplanes and Internet research to study the forces that affect the flight of large airplanes. Worksheets and organizers provided source

Aviation - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the topic of aviation source

Aviation! Our Planes will Deliver - Students learn about airplanes and how they work, about three pioneers in aviation, and what each did to help this new form of transportation succeed source

Bubble-ology and Bernoulli - Introduce aerodynamics by challenging students to devise ways to keep a bubble aloft. Fun activity teaches Bernoullis principle and explains how airplanes fly source

Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World - Detailed instructions, pictures, and a movie for making the DC-3 of paper airplanes. Links to hints on how to fly it source

Falling Paper - Simple dmonstration allows young children to understand how airplane wings help to lift an airplane into the air source

FirstFlight - An online simulation of the Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer and two Quicktime movies source

"Hang Time" Project - Contest searches for paper airplanes having the best "hang time" in the nation. Links to design rules, addresses, and tougher challenge for older students source

Paper Airplane Science - Activity involves choosing a paper plane design, making the paper airplane, testing it, and graphing the distances flown for each of three paper plane trails source

Paper Airplanes - Directions for folding several paper airplanes, teaching ideas, history, contests, aerodynamics article, and more from Guinness Word Record holder Ken Blackburn source

Paper Airplanes - Paper airplane patterns to print, color, fold, and fly. Pteranodon Fighter, Musical-Hammer Fighter, Plier Fighter, Z Fighter, Tomato Leaf Airplane, Crystal Fighter and source

Paperplane Flying Circus - Students investigate the streamlined shape of aircraft by making and flying paper airplanes with this activity from The Franklin Institute Online source

Wright Brothers Lesson - A lesson based on the The Wright Cycle Company Complex, Dayton, Ohio. Students learn how the Wright brothers went from building bicyles to inventing the airplane source

Working Wings - Show young children how an airplane wing is designed to lift a heavy machine into the air with this demonstration source

Wright Flyer Online - Students learn why airplanes fly with hands-on activities and experiments. Links to history of Wright Flyer, wind tunnel data and teachers guide source

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