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making volcanoes - If you mean baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, I can tell you how. I use a ketchup bottle (or you could use a salad dressing bottle). Put just enough baking soda to cover the bottom. Squirt in a squirt of dish detergent. Fill a graduated cylinder (or other measuring device) with about 90 mL of...source

Eruption! Explore Exploding Volcanoes Webquest - Students study the four different types of volcanoes and what makes them hot and uses technology to prepare a presentation (Grades 3-5) source

Types of Hazards Posed by Volcanoes - Drawing, movie, and information about hazards posed by volcanoes from the USGS. Hazards include Tephras, Lahars, Lava Flows, Pyroclastic Flows, Landslides, and Gas source

Volcano! - Guide young students to understand that volcanic eruptions are natural events necessary to the ongoing life of Earth with this lesson plan which integrates Internet resources source

Volcanoes - Older students research active volcanoes and develop models to compare and contrast the shapes of volcanic cones. Extend project by developing an evacuation plan source

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