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Rocks & Minerals

Rocks and Minerals - Rocks and minerals can be fun to learn about. Check out this creative collection of geology ideas. source

Crystals - With fourth grade you should really start a unit on crystallization with knowledge of molecules and atoms. The shape of the individual crystals is based on the shape of the molecule or atom that it is made from. I start with a look at how different materials fit together. The first two activities explore this idea...source

Coal Education - Mine this web site for lesson plans, information, and reproducibles on coal. Includes dozens of lesson plans and resources on the origin, geology, and mining of this important natural resource source

Mineral Information Institute - Download lessons, activities, guides, student pages and backgrounders on minerals and other natural resources (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Links to mineral photographs and maps source

Rock Cycle Song - Young students learn how the three types of rocks are formed by singing a song source

Rock Hounds Lessons - Students gain understanding of rock cycle with webquest which includes how sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks form. Link to activities, puzzles, safety and more source

Rocks and Minerals - Students expand their knowledge of rocks by exploring the characteristics of local rocks with this integrated thematic unit source

Rocks and Minerals Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on topic of rocks and minerals source

Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils - Students rotate through five workstations as they study rocks, minerals, and fossils. Includes lessons, activities and resources source

Rocks Webquest - Fifth grade sudents use the Internet to identify several rocks with this webquest source

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