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Electricity and Magnetism - Lessons and Ideas to help with a unit on electricity and magnets source

Amazing Magnets - Unit uses constructive techniques to provide young students with hands-on experiences as they explore magnetic force and learn how to use a compass source

Exploring Magnets and Magnetism - Activities allow students to investigate properties of magnets and to sort and classify materials that are magnetic. Scroll to bottom of page for worksheets source

Magnetism: The Unseen Force - Second graders learn about magnets, magnetic fields, and magnetic poles through observations, activities, and experiments with this six lesson unit (PDF document) source

Magnetometer - Hands-on activity allows students to build an instrument capable of detecting a magnetic field and magnetic poles source

Magnets - In this hands-on lesson plan, students identify what materials are/are not attracted to magnets. As an extension, students create their own magnet using a nail source

Magnets, Magnets, Magnets - Project designed around a series of Internet lessons and exploratory activities on the magnet. Second graders use Internet to validate their findings source

Mastering Magnetism - Students study different types of magnets, different uses for them, and the concept of magnetic poles with this integrated unit source

May the Force Be With You - Second graders learn about magnetic poles, magnetic attraction and repulsion, the Earths magnetic field, and compasses as they investigate magnets with hands-on activities (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

The Famous Wire, Battery, and Nail Magnet - Students work together to make simple electromagnet source

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